ZEGAS Issue Number Two

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  • Ended 02/01/12

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  • jessica Langdon
  • Adrian Johnson
  • Sandra Beasley
  • Hyeondo Park
  • Fund $5 and more

    Zegas #1 Misprint Edition (which has just as limited a print run as the first pressing). At half the original cover price, it's perfect for new readers!

    6 Funders

  • Fund $10 and more

    Zegas #2, signed & numbered. This is the big one, the latest issue with 44 pages of all new material which you'll receive before its official release in April!

    25 Funders

  • Fund $15 and more

    Zegas #s 1 & 2 combo pack, two great reasons for you to jump on board!

    11 Funders

  • Fund $20 and more

    Zegas #2 as well as an 11 x 14 Zegas color print, ideal for framing, taping, or pinning to your wall!

    14 Funders

  • Fund $40 and more

    Zegas #2, the color print, and a Zegas T-Shirt which comes in sizes s, m, l, & xl!

    15 Funders

  • Fund $100 and more

    Zegas #2, the print, the shirt, and a commissioned head/bust drawing featuring any character of your choice. This is not a mere sketch, but a fully rendered 7 x 9 ink drawing!

    5 Funders

  • Fund $200 and more

    The comic, the print, the shirt and a full color 10 x 15 illustration featuring any couple of characters you desire. I will draw and hand color whatever you come up with including backgrounds and/or captions. This is your chance to get some original art!

    2 Funders