Dolphins and Drones…OH MY!!!!

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  • Lisa Williams Gregory
  • Ingrid Van Baarlen
  • Ryan Nelson
  • Susan Jones
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    Dolphin Fact Sheets

    Fact sheets will be provided to you with tons of information about dolphins!

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    T-Shirt and Fact Sheets
    T-Shirt and Fact Sheets

    Tropical Dolphin Research Foundation t-shirt! And Dolphin Fact sheets!

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    Dolphin Naming/Adoption and T-shirt and Fact sheets

    You get to name a Key West Dolphin! For that animal, we will provide photos and full information about its history, relatives, and daily goings on. We will also send you a TDRF t-shirt and Fact sheets on Dolphins!

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  • Fund $150 and more
    Talk to a scientist!

    We will provide the opportunity to have a TDRF scientist talk to a group of your choosing (may be through Skype if out of following: AL, MS, LA, FL, VA, DC, PA, GA, MD). We will also send you a TDRF t-shirt and fact sheets. AND….Give you the chance to also name a dolphin!

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