Lawrence OnBoard- Transforming Transportation in America

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  • Ralph S Bauer
  • Jamie Hofling
  • Sandy Beverly
  • Helen J Diklich
  • Fund $10 and more
    K-10 Shout-out!
    K-10 Shout-out!

    We'll give you a shout-out on our website and Facebook page.

    14 Funders

  • Fund $24 and more
    Hwy 24 Music Blast

    Get the web and social media shout-out plus an MP3 of a song to sing along with on your drive. We're lining up some of our fabulous local musicians, so stay tuned for details.

    13 Funders

  • Fund $40 and more
    Hwy 40 Bumper Sticker

    Items 1 and 2, plus this great bumper sticker: "Be the bus you want to see in your town!"

    10 Funders

  • Fund $59 and more
    HWY 59 Keepsake
    HWY 59 Keepsake

    You get all of the above, plus an autographed copy of the Greenability Magazine issue featuring Lawrence OnBoard.

    1 Funders

  • Fund $75 and more
    HWY 75-Poetry about Motion
    HWY 75-Poetry about Motion

    You get the shout-out, MP3, bumper sticker and a limited edition letterpress print of a traveling poem by Kansas Poet Laureate Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, and printed at the Lawrence Arts Center with hand-set type.

    2 Funders

  • Fund $92 and more
    Hwy 92- Art by Toni Brou
    Hwy 92- Art by Toni Brou

    You get the shout-out, song and sticker, plus a high quality print titled "Invincible Summer Within Me" by CBS Sunday Morning featured artist Toni Brou. (pictured horizontal- print is actually vertical)

    3 Funders

  • Fund $125 and more
    For Your Cupholder
    For Your Cupholder

    You get the shout-out, MP3 and bumper sticker, plus a pair of hand-made ceramic cups by accomplished potter and Lawrence OnBoard director Jenny O'Brien. Your beverage will never be the same.

    8 Funders

  • Fund $300 and more
    You Name It!!

    You get all the goodies from items 1-4, your choice of poem, art or cups, plus the opportunity to name one of the Lawrence OnBoard stops on the website. How cool is that?

  • Fund $1,000 and more
    Rideshare Adventure
    Rideshare Adventure

    You get an extra big shout-out on the website, song and sticker, and your choice of poem, art or cups. Plus you get a weekend stay at the O'Brien's Timber Frame Apple Cottage including tasty meals and a Lawrence OnBoard ride adventure with Jenny O'Brien, commemorative ride board and naming rights for a stop.

  • Fund $5,000 and more
    Because You are Awesome
    Because You are Awesome

    If you donate $5000 or more, you get any or all of the goodies listed above, as well as our undying gratitude and the knowledge that you played a major role in transforming the face of transportation.