Help KXCI Upgrade Studio 2A, Help Launch The Next Great Musical Acts!

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  • Randy Lyle
  • Theresa A Paszkiewicz
  • Julie Bradlow
  • david wright
  • Fund $10 and more
    We'll Say Your Name

    Give $10 or more, we'll thank you on air. It's that easy!

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  • Fund $20 and more
    Studio 2A Compilation CD

    We'll send you a past compilation of national or local acts that have recorded with us in Studio 2A. Twelve or more exclusive tracks. And we'll still say your name on air.

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  • Fund $100 and more
    Credit in our next compilation

    KXCI's next compilation of national artists recorded in Studio 2A is expected to release in April 2014. We'll thank you in the liner notes AND send you three of the new CD for a $100 gift. And we'll still say your name on the air.

  • Fund $300 and more
    Executive Producer

    We won't just thank you in the next compilation - we'll list you as an executive producer and give you TEN copies of the album. They make great gifts, or use them to wow the crowd at your next class reunion. And yes: we'll say your name on air.

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  • Fund $600 and more
    Executive Producer + Live Performance

    Get the ExecProd credit, the ten copies of the newest compilation, and be on hand (with one guest) for a live in-studio performance on a mutually agreed date. Do you still get your name on the air? Yup.

  • Fund $5,000 and more
    Title Sponsorship

    Our next compilation could be called "KXCI and Your Name Here Presents Live From Studio 2A." On 1,000 copies. You'll be an Executive Producer, we'll give you 25 of the CDs to give out as gifts AND you'll be mentioned on air. A whole lot and for years to come.