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  • Fund $20 and more

    A few times a week for up to a month I’ll send you an awesome parasite factoid by e-mail. It’ll be the greatest parasite-knowledge-enhancing month of your life (unless you’re a parasitologist). I’ll also thank you on my Twitter account for your donation.

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  • Fund $50 and more

    Parasite factoids by e-mail for a month (see $20 reward), PLUS a series of e-mails containing pictures I have taken while doing research. The pictures will be accompanied by information about the featured organism.

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  • Fund $200 and more

    Is there some parasite that you’d like to learn more about, but want a scientist to do the research for you? Then this is the option for you! For $200 I’ll write a blog post of at least 3,000 characters about a parasite of your choice. I’ll put the post up on my blog at, and will mention that the post is being written in your honor.

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  • Fund $500 and more

    Let’s be honest, lots of you are probably here because Zach Weiner, creator of the comic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, linked to my video proposal. For $500 Zach will draw you anything you wish. Carl Sagan riding a unicorn you say? You got it! We’ll e-mail you a colored PDF of the artwork, and will send the original artwork drawn by Zach via snail mail.

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  • Fund $100 and more

    As requested, Zach and I will record and send you the link to a personalized "Thank You" video for your donation.


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