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  • Bruce Deprey
  • Kate Soucy
  • Gerry & David
  • Jonathan Shostack
  • Fund $5 and more
    Thank you for coming by!

    Choose between 2 mp3 files to have sent to you between Your Lullaby, Damn Beautiful, Running Mates, Here and Now, Black Cloud, or Numb is the New High. I also need to thank you personally VIA email :)

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  • Fund $10 and more
    More music is good..

    Have all 6 mp3 files sent to you! Basically a half an album of my songs.

  • Fund $15 and more

    You will receive all 6 songs VIA email, my personal thank yhou email, and receive a signed guitar pick.

  • Fund $25 and more
    Basic Pledge
    Basic Pledge

    You will get everything mentioned before, plus the very first solo cd from me that includes various recordings from songs I wrote on my own while in a signed band, to songs I wrote with Nashville songwriters, to current songs I've recently written since being a TN resident. I will also personally sign this CD. This CD was specifically designed for this campaign and for the backers who choose to support it! You will also get a supporter credit on the Dream a Song website when it is done and live. A sign of my gratitude.. :)

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  • Fund $50 and more
    T-Shirts Are Cool
    T-Shirts Are Cool

    You will get everything stated before, plus a Drew Deprey shirt (signed or not, totally your preference!)

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  • Fund $100 and more
    Live songs..

    You will get the CD, shirt, and guitar pick all signed, PLUS you can choose from 7 videos that have a live perfomance of one song on each video for you to download. Choose 2 live song videos out of the 7.

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  • Fund $250 and more
    Song set list, check, check 1-2..
    Song set list, check, check 1-2..

    Get the CD, guitar pick, and shirt signed. PLUS, I will send you the full DVD of my live performance opening for Daughtry in Sault Ste Marie, MI. I will also include the song set list for that night. I will sign both the DVD and set list as well if you prefer!

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  • Fund $500 and more
    Call me..

    You will get everything stated in the $250 or more pledge, PLUS, I will PERSONALLY call you to express my deepest thanks, and also to discuss the vision of this Dream a Song project and how I go about creating songs. I will answer any of your questions, and would love to have an engaging phone call all around!

  • Fund $1,200 and more
    Your personal song..

    You will get everything in the $500 or more pledge. You will also get a personally written acoustic song (guitar, and vocal) and you choose the story you want relayed in the song. On our phone call or skype session, we will talk about how you want the song to go. I will write it, record it, and send you the CD signed and dedicated to you and your song!

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  • Fund $5,000 and more
    Let me play for you...

    You will get everything in the $1,000 or more pledge. The difference here is that I will personally travel to anywhere in the continental USA (only) to perform your song to you, along with a few other songs to make it a nice little acoustic show for you!

  • Fund $8,000 and more
    You're a songwriter, fancy that!

    First and foremost, you will of course get everything the $5,000 or more pledge has. The kicker here is that when I do my next solo CD in between running the Dream a Song business, you will be able to write a song with me. If we are a distance away from each other, we can use skype, a guitar, and our imaginations. The song will be put onto the future record. You will receive the following credits for the album: You will have a songwriter credit (IE "Your Fave Song" Written by Drew Deprey and (Your name), and will be a significant presence in the album thank you notes. Basically, you will have a hand in creating a piece of a future album. Let's face it, you'd be contributing something that would mean more than you could possibly know, and you need to be recognized for it. This is obviously something that will live on forever!

  • Fund $10,000 and more
    The Grandaddy of em' all!

    (USA only) The Grandaddy of em' all! First and foremost, you will of course get everything that comes before this. The kicker here is you will get my acoustic guitar that has been by my side for the last few years helping me write these songs I create. It is a Taylor guitar, the most desired acoustic guitar by many serious guitar players!