The Port OTR - Over-The-Rhine's Sandwich Shop

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  • David Neundorfer
  • Bil Zarch
  • Kelly Snyder
  • Venture for America
  • Fund $10 and more

    Without all those grains, our bread would be bland! Ain't nobody got time for that. Thanks, you get a 10% off discount coupon on your first sandwich!

    12 Funders

  • Fund $25 and more

    You are the foundation on which the sandwich is built. Without your support, it all falls apart. Hold strong, and you shall be rewarded with some Port Swag. T-shirts for my hearty bread supporters.

    24 Funders

  • Fund $50 and more
    Cranberry Sauce

    That little extra sweetness goes a long way. We thank you with a personal invite to our opening party. Don't be late!

    8 Funders

  • Fund $100 and more

    Moist. Succulent. Game changing. This is where it starts to get fun! You get an early taste of our delicious menu. Bring your appetite.

    5 Funders

  • Fund $250 and more

    You make the difference. You're the ingredient that all the other ingredients hate to love. Your contribution is what elevates us from just a sandwich shop to THE sandwich shop. Your first sandwich is free, and you make our plaque of honor.

  • Fund $500 and more
    Food Coma

    Self-induced, but oh so glorious. You see the big picture, and you bite off all you can chew, and more. We dig that. Lunch on us for you and 4 friends. Eat. Share. Sleep.

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  • Fund $1,000 and more
    Panini Press

    You just make everything better, don't you? Yes you do, you saucy minx. If you give at this level, you can combine your favorite ingredients from our shop, and your sandwich will be on the menu!

  • Fund $2,500 and more
    Captain's Table

    Every ship has a captain. And every port has its tavern. And every tavern has that back room for the captains. Well, we won't have a back room, but we will name our captain's table after you!

  • Fund $5,000 and more

    We like to think that we are but humble folks. But some things call for ceremony. Give at this level and we will make your sandwich, named after YOU!