Save our Shabbat! - Help me raise funds to finish my new Shabbat CD

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  • Heather Hoppen Campbell
  • Jon Rosenfield
  • Matt
  • Elana Kaye
  • Fund $18 and more
    A Signed Copy of Kabbalat Shabbat CD

    Yes, an old school, hard copy CD with Transliteration ( Heblish), Hebrew, and beautiful graphics

    17 Funders

  • Fund $36 and more
    Bal a Bayit

    You get 2 copies of the Cd when they come out, signed, sealed, delivered!

    15 Funders

  • Fund $72 and more

    Ok now were talkin, 2 CD's plus you name in the Credits as a contributor

    7 Funders

  • Fund $180 and more

    Big Time, 4 CD's for you and your friends, your name in the credits, and a song written for you and your family about the family history/experience of your choice!

    8 Funders

  • Fund $360 and more

    Big Machor! Ok , for you, 10 CD's, your name in the credits as a producer, a song written about your life/family experience of choice, vip Seats to any show in your area and 1/2 off a house concert in your home

    4 Funders

  • Fund $720 and more
    Angel Investor

    Shalom Aleichem! For this generous amount you get a free solo house concert sometime in the next 16 months, you name as a producer, 10 CDs for your friends and family, a music video from me customized, and a song about your family history!

  • Fund $1,800 and more
    Rosh Yeshiva

    10 Cds Your name as a producer A free solo house concert at your place, or other location anytime in the next 18 months. Also VIP seats to any show you like in the next 18 months.

  • Fund $2,500 and more
    Executive Producer

    You are the Top! For this generous amount, you get 20 CDs, your name on the liner notes as Executive Producer, a free full band house concert for you and your friends, and any other promotional materials ( Posters, T-shirts, cups, etc) that accompany the CD. Also free admission to any show in your area ALL year!