Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project

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    LOIRP Supporter

    For those who support us but who cannot afford the goodies, $10 bucks will help us as every little bit counts. You will be featured on the website as a supporter and will get a notification whenever a new image is produced, which is daily.

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    Lunar Orbiter Historic Microfilm
    Lunar Orbiter Historic Microfilm

    After the Lunar Orbiter missions were over, NASA Langley made microfilm copies of all of the images. In 1988 Eric Dahlstrom bought a complete set and gave them to me, starting my research. These 1.25" x 1.75" microfilm images are offered to support the project. A letter of provenance will be provided.

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    Lunar Orbiter 3D Model
    Lunar Orbiter 3D Model

    This is a 3D printed model of the Lunar Orbiter spacecraft kindly done for us by Andrew Filo of Special Projects. This model is suitable for display at the office or home. We will throw in a microfilm image of the Moon to go with the model as well!

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    Historic Lunar Orbiter Images
    Historic Lunar Orbiter Images

    These are 8x10 glossy images from various Lunar Orbiter missions. Some of the images have explanatory text on the back. Some have a date stamped and some have text on the front. A letter of provenance attesting to the historic nature of the image is included.

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    Lunar Orbiter Model with Custom Stand
    Lunar Orbiter Model with Custom Stand

    This little beauty is also provided to the LOIRP project courtesy of Andrew Filo of Special Projects from Cupertino CA. The Lunar Obiter model is the same size as the other model provided here but comes with a custom stand where Andrew took a LO image of Copernicus, created a bump map and turned it into a really neat stand with the LO camera looking down on it as it would from orbit!

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    Historical Lunar Orbiter Image Strips
    Historical Lunar Orbiter Image Strips

    This is a lunar orbiter image measuring 9 x 18 inches. These have a description of the image and are comprised of several frame-lets or strips of an image. Each image comes with a letter of provenance from the LOIRP project.

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    Historic Lunar Orbiter Medium Image
    Historic Lunar Orbiter Medium Image

    This is our second group of images donated by Don Davis and Don Wilhelms. These images are LO images from the medium frame images, they are of various locations on the moon, including some full lunar disk images. All are original from the 1960's and will have a letter of provenance attached.

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    Historic Original Lunar Orbiter Large Print
    Historic Original Lunar Orbiter Large Print

    The print that you will get for this donation is a large (16.5" x 62") image on photographic paper. These were donated by former USGS head Don Wilhelms. We will ship the print and a letter of provenance. These are LO-IV Images and are suitable for framing.

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    Mystery Prize

    During the course of the development of our project we have had many people donate items to us specifically to use to help raise funds. These are historically interesting collectables that have continuing value. We offer this as a mystery prize. We guarantee that it will be a very unique part of Lunar Orbiter history!

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