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  • Carly Atwood
  • Kevin
  • Nancy See
  • Ann Ross
  • Fund $5 and more

    A vote to give you input on your favorite design to determine the fourth bike in our inaugural Bread Bicycles series.

  • Fund $10 and more

    A Bread Bicycles decal to show your support. You also get to vote on your favorite design (see above).

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  • Fund $30 and more

    Your own Bread Bicycles exclusive-to-RocketHub t-shirt. Couple that with your decal and vote, it’s $30 very well spent.

    5 Funders

  • Fund $75 and more

    A beautiful, limited edition Bread Bicycles print by our very own Tommy Wilkinson. Each print features one of our three inaugural edition bicycles. Receive the print, t-shirt, decal, and vote.

    2 Funders

  • Fund $150 and more

    An opportunity to get a free bike on us. You’ll receive a special link to our RocketHub page. If you get two (2) people to pre-order a bike with that link, we’ll ship you a bike. Get three (3) people to pre-order a bike via that link and we’ll ship you your free bike AND give your $150 back.

  • Fund $300 and more

    One of our inaugural edition bikes at $75 below retail! This is limited to the first 20 “fuelers”, so hurry! We’ll give you a t-shirt and decal with your bike as well.

    1 Funders

  • Fund $375 and more

    One of our inaugural edition bikes. Sorry you missed out on the bike pre-order at $300 but, you’re still getting your bike before everyone else out there and we’ll throw in a t-shirt and decal in appreciation.

    1 Funders

  • Fund $1,000 and more

    The opportunity to collaborate with our design team (ok, ok, it’ll just be you and Tommy working together) to create a bicycle with your own tastes and ideas. We’ll put the bike on sale and your name beside it on the website. Get your bike, t-shirt and decal in addition. Does it get any better?

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