Kaleb Ross

Kaleb Ross

Member since: September 22, 2012

A Little About Me
The Bread Bicycles Team About Kaleb

I’m a native of Greenville, SC and absolutely love my city and the Upstate of the state (I know you are skeptical of my views, but make the trip to visit and I think you’ll fall in love too. Tommy will vouch for me). I married my high school sweetheart, Kaitlyn and don’t deserve the amazing blessing she is. We have a one year old golden retriever named Bo, who is a terrifying 75 lbs of full on puppy.

I graduated from Clemson University in 2011. I have realized that bikes can be addictive and have had 5 or 6 at a time. I love finding old steel road bikes and converting them to single speed. Give me the choice between fixie and singlespeed and I err to the side of working to get to the top and coasting down the hills that dominate Greenville. I have a passion for loving and helping people in my community, my country, and our world. I hope and pray thatBread Bicycles accomplishes this dream.

  About Tommy

I’m not a  native of Greenville, but I feel blessed that I have ended up here.  I was born in West Virginia, and at a young age moved to the Midlands of South Carolina.  I attended Clemson University and after graduation moved to Greenville.  I feel like Greenville is the perfect blend of New South Urban and small town living.  I can see its appeal for people in any stage of their life, whether it be young adults or retirees.

I met my wife, Lucy, at Clemson, and we have a little boy and two dogs.  My family is the joy of my life, and sometimes I wake up and can’t believe I have been blessed in such a big way.

My first exposure to bikes was mountain biking.  I loved it, but I had a problem with not being able to stay on the trail.  There is even a turn in Manchester State Forest that is appropriately named Tommy’s Turn, for the fact that I crashed 95% of the time I used it. From there, I had a road bike phase, and now I ride a singlespeed/fixed gear.  I love the simplicity and connection to the road that you feel when you are riding a singlespeed.  I would love to share that with you!

We want Bread Bicycles to be a place that provides bikes you love, and  opportunities to help out people in need.  We feel that we have a responsibility to help bless others with what we have been given.   Partner with us, and help make this dream a reality!