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AI-driven contract lifecycle management platform
Elevate contracting with SpotDraft AI. Simplify and automate the contract creation and management process.

General Information About Spotdraft

SpotDraft is an AI-powered contract management and automation solution tailored for rapidly expanding businesses. It provides comprehensive contract management services across various departments, including legal, sales, marketing, human resources, business operations, and procurement. Serving as a co-pilot for legal teams, SpotDraft optimizes the contract management process by eliminating inefficiencies and automating repetitive tasks.

Enhance your contracting process with an intuitive interface, intelligent contract repository, customizable templates and workflows, and more. SpotDraft seamlessly integrates with popular SaaS tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, and Google Drive, ensuring a smooth experience for global businesses such as Airbnb, Notion, STRAVA, Beamery, and Fidelity International.

Established in 2017 by a Harvard law graduate and two Carnegie Mellon computer engineers, SpotDraft secured $26 million in Series A funding in 2023 to further elevate its platform, expand its team, and accelerate growth.

Spotdraft Features:

  • Centralized Repository: Implement compliant self-serve templates, reducing the reliance on constant legal intervention.
  • Contract Templates: Expedite contract reviews through real-time collaboration and pre-configured approval workflows.
  • Contract Review: Enhance productivity with advanced contract review using our Microsoft Word integration.
  • Microsoft Word Editor: Streamline processes by incorporating a fully compliant, all-in-one platform, eliminating the need for a separate e-sign solution.
  • E-Signatures: Ensure secure contract acceptance, particularly for high-volume contracts like Privacy Policies and Terms of Use.
  • Clickthrough: Seamlessly engage with contracts directly from platforms such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Jira.
  • Integrations: Identify contract bottlenecks, optimize turnaround times, and proactively track legal KPIs.
  • Contract Analytics: Generate custom reports effortlessly to identify trends and risks across your contract portfolio.
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