Version management platform
The online solution GitHub allows you to store the source code of your IT project. You can thus keep the history of your modifications and share your code with your collaborators, your partners or your customers.

General Information About GitHub

In the field of IT development, it is essential to know where to store and keep the code produced each day. As changes, updates and bug fixes are made, the code evolves. For this reason, it is essential to keep the history of the source code and to be able to access this indispensable information easily and quickly.

Beyond the simple storage of source code, the GitHub platform is one of the most popular tools in the developer community. Indeed, this tool is used to support the development of a project at every stage. You can automate workflows, access development environments, manage code changes, but also search for and fix vulnerabilities.

As such, GitHub centralizes the essential needs of developers. Whether you’re a freelancer or manage a team of programmers, the platform can be used to code, create software applications, test code, or open pull requests from any repository. This versatility and performance allows developers who use GitHub to see an average 22% increase in productivity.

Moreover, the platform is perfect for collaborative work. All the actors can work on the source codes to make them better. The questions asked to the creators and the different exchanges on the SaaS tool significantly improve the quality of the code and reduce the risks of bugs, because the code produced can be shared with an open source community of enthusiasts and experts.

All major companies use the GitHub versioning platform on a daily basis. We can mention for example Stripe, Pinterest, Mercedes-Benz, P&G or even KPMG.

GitHub Features

  • Efficiency and Productivity Gains: As a business owner, you know that time is money. GitHub provides tools that can dramatically improve your team’s efficiency and productivity when collaborating on projects. With features like automated workflows, code review, and AI-assisted coding, GitHub helps your developers get more done in less time. This translates to faster time-to-market for your products and services.
  • Enhanced Security: Security is a top concern for any business. GitHub secures and stores your source code while enabling you to limit access as needed. With an engaged open source community reviewing code, you benefit from crowd-sourced security reviews. GitHub also makes it easy to find and fix vulnerabilities before they become major issues.
  • Centralized Collaboration Hub: GitHub brings your developers, designers, and project managers together in one place to seamlessly collaborate. This eliminates silos and fragmented workflows. Streamlined communication, task tracking, and project visibility helps your team work better together to build higher-quality products.
  • Future-Proof Your Business: The future of software development is cloud, open source, and AI-assisted. By adopting GitHub, you future-proof your business and ensure your developers build key skills on platforms and technologies that will only increase in importance. This keeps you competitive and innovative.
  • Developer Recruitment and Retention: Top developers expect access to modern platforms like GitHub. By implementing GitHub, you demonstrate your commitment to enabling great developers to do their best work. This helps you attract and retain the talent you need to continue innovating.

In summary, GitHub powers up your developers to help drive business growth through enhanced productivity, security, collaboration and innovation. The benefits strongly outweigh any costs for most modern businesses.

Premium Perk

20 seats on the Enterprise plan free for 1 year

Up to $7560 in savings

Available For:

Eligibility Requirements:

Startups that meet the following criteria are eligible to apply:

  1. Received outside funding (up to Series A)
  2. New to GitHub Enterprise
  3. Must not have previously received credits for GitHub Enterprise