Collaborative work management platform
Asana is a work management platform that enables teams to track projects, assign tasks, set deadlines, and collaborate – all in one centralized place to improve workflow.

General Information About Asana

Running a business, you need to juggle multiple priorities and projects every day. Keeping your team aligned and work organized can be extremely challenging. That’s where Asana comes in – it’s the work management platform designed for cross-functional teams like yours.

With Asana, you can create a single source of truth for all your projects and tasks. No more confusion on who is doing what and when – Asana provides clarity across your organization. Automated workflows ensure no critical tasks slip through the cracks.

Moreover, Asana makes it easy to collaborate across teams and with clients. Conversations stay connected to the relevant work – no more endless email threads or missed notifications. You get full visibility into how work is progressing.

Asana also helps you successfully execute large projects involving many moving parts – like new product launches, branding revamps etc. – with robust features like milestones, roadmaps and customized views.

Many global leaders including Uber, Spotify and NASA use Asana to manage complex projects seamlessly. With valuable insights like portfolio reporting and resource allocation, you can make data-driven strategic decisions for your business.

Asana is designed for rapidly growing, dynamic teams like yours that need to get work done efficiently at scale. With Asana, your business can save significant time, streamline work execution, and delight customers – ultimately driving growth and profitability.

Asana Features

  • Task Management: Create tasks, assign them to team members, set due dates, mark completion status.
  • Project Overview: Visualize all the tasks and subtasks under a project on a single board.
  • File Attachments: Attach files directly to tasks and projects in Asana.
  • Conversations: Have threaded conversations on tasks so all communication is in one place.
  • Search: Global search to quickly find projects, tasks, conversations etc.
  • Calendar: See task due dates and deadlines on a shared calendar.
  • Dashboards: Customizable dashboards to view relevant tasks, projects, and portfolios.
  • Workload: View and analyze teammate’s workload and capacity.
  • Rules: Create rules like assign tasks automatically, repeat tasks, move task when marked complete etc.
  • Forms: Create forms to easily capture work requests and feedback.
  • Integrations: Integrates with tools like Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.
Premium Perk

6 Months Free Asana Advanced for Startups

6 months free

Available For:

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Startup that recently raised a Series A round or earlier
  2. Must be a new Asana user or on a free plan (non-paying customer)
  3. Organizations currently on paid plans or upgraded in last 60 days are not eligible