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Meetup + Pitch-Off | Seattle 2017


room Seattle, Washington, United States

On June 22nd, TechCrunch invites you to Meetup + Pitch-Off, Seattle 2017 starting at 18:00 pm.

TechCrunch's legendary Meetup + Pitch-Off event is coming to Seattle! Join us for beer, good conversation, and a battle to the death to see which entrepreneurs can dazzle and excite the judges in under sixty seconds. And whether you're an investor, entrepreneur, dreamer or tech enthusiast, we want to see you at the event so we can grab a beer and hear your thoughts. Come one, come all. It's sure to be a night to remember.

We'll select approximately 10 great Seattle-based startups to explain to our panel of VCs and TechCrunch editors why their startup is awesome in 60 seconds or less. You'll be competing for an opportunity to attend our flagship event TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco on September 18-20.

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