So you raised your funds. Your campaign is done. Your endeavor is underway.

Now what? Deliver the Goods. Keep your network engaged.

Most project leaders will crowdfund again. Keep your options open.

Celebrate their support
  • Acknowledge and publicize that you reached your goal
  • Announce and celebrate as you begin your project
  • Do ´thank you´ shout-outs now and again
Invite them to continue on your journey
  • Keep funders updated
  • Use multimedia to document your progress
  • Ask for input on your project
Deliver the goods
  • Set expectations for timing and delivery (give yourself room to over-deliver)
  • Follow through and deliver
  • Ask funders to post their reactions to the Goods (helps broaden your network)
  • Get paid out fast

Most projects that are crowdfunded also require support in their next stage to be successful. Whether you want them to support your brand, come to your performances, or buy your products, think of crowdfunding as a way to gain loyalists early. And, ideally, they are with you for life.

At the end of the day, crowdfunding is an art. Do your best, and learn from it for next time.

1. How did this project go (including how you worked together as a team, if applicable)?
2. Rate yourself on the elements of the formula (1 to 5, with 5 = outstanding):
a. Was my project resonant with my network
(i.e., they felt my passion, my project was something they cared about)?
b. Did I engage my network throughout the project (i.e, I communicated with them throughout the project with the quantity and quality of message that got them engaged)?
c. Did my Goods have value (i.e., people in my network were enticed by what I offered)?
3. Overall, what will I do in the same way for my next project?
4. Overall, what will I do differently for my next project?
5. What are my ideas for my next project?
Congrats! You did it!