The All-In-One Toolkit for Customer Engagement.

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Need a tool to help your business respond to customer questions and queries fast?  Want to use help desk software, but find that it’s too complicated and hard to set up?

Why not use an all-in-one customer engagement toolkit that was designed from the ground up for small to medium sized businesses that’s simple, easy to set up, and will increase your customer support efficiency tremendously.

Introducing ThriveDesk.

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Key Features

Shared Inbox & CRM

Use a common inbox to which all customer conversations, chats, and queries are directed. Store all customer data in the CRM.

Live Chat

Optimize conversions, prevent cart abandonment, and be there for your customers when they need you with ThriveDesk’s Live Chat feature.

Knowledge Base

Reduce the number of support emails, facilitate self-service, and improve resolution times with a repository of articles that helps customers find answers to their problems.

Best For:

Bootstrapped Startups, Small and Medium Sized Businesses, eCommerce Businesses, WordPress Plugin & Theme Businesses

Use a Shared Inbox for all Customer Communication

Organize, collaborate, automate, personalize, track, and make life easy with shared inbox.

  • Multi-Channel Support – including email, live chat, contact form, & api
  • Organize conversations through Tags and Folders
  • Store answers to common questions with Saved Replies
  • Customer purchase details right inside the inbox
  • Move conversations from one inbox to another
  • Collision Detection ensures team members don’t respond to the same question
  • Spam Filtering – Remove clutter by automatically directing spam messages to a spam folder
  • Set up Automated Response emails once a ticket is submitted
  • Access from the Mobile App when you step away from your desk

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Provide instant support with our Live-chat Assistant

According to a survey, 68% customers engage in live chat and 63% prefer getting back to a website with live chat for repeat purchase. Reach more customers with less effort even if your team is busy or unavailable to chat live. ThriveDesk is the lightest & fastest live chat assistant that will interact with customers without slowing down your website.

  • Customize your chat widget to match your brand with custom colors, logo & welcome message
  • When live chat isn’t available, direct customers’ support requests to your email queue
  • Use bots to greet customers when agents are busy, grab their email address and let them know an agent is on the way
  • Keep the conversation going by following up via their email even if customers drop off Live chat
  • Customers can search for answers they want directly from the chat widget or send an email
  • Integrate apps to insert information into conversations, like recent order information
  • Your support agents can use canned replies during chats to help them reply faster
  • Send chat transcripts to your customers as soon as the chat ends

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A Knowledge Base that customer can access from anywhere

Scale up your customer support and ensure better customer satisfaction with the instant self-service knowledge base.  The knowledge center works on any device and is optimized for search, helping to reduce your support volume by at least 40%.  Use your own custom domain and integrate it with your website.

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Create articles at rocket speed – Add text, images, hyperlinks, tables, related articles, and videos to articles effortlessly. Select categories, and customize your SEO details for better conversion. Reflect your brand identity and customize every detail with your own design preference and make it look like your brand.

The Knowledge base also provides actionable data to help you improve your article performance, like article performance metrics, how many customers found answers, visitors per article, and many more!

Create a community space for your customers

Having a community helps reduce your marketing costs significantly. Drive user engagement and increase customer lifetime value by enabling your customers to come together, connect, and collaborate on ideas, discussions, and projects.

  • Organize discussions in private, public, or secret spaces
  • Embed community content directly on your website
  • Host Live Webinars
  • Password Protect Posts
  • Comment and reply on posts
  • Private Messages supported
  • Tags and Mentions
  • Paid Content & memberships supported
  • White-Label supported


Reporting – the data you need to understand company insights

What gets measured gets improved.  ThriveDesk’s Reporting tool helps you make data-driven decisions to support and delight your customers.

  • Conversations Reporting – Use reports on your dashboard to monitor the number of conversations that have taken place, average turnaround time by your customer support team, highest performing team member, and the most popular platform on which conversations are taking place.
  • Happiness Score – using feedback requests that are provided immediately when the customer ends their conversation, identify trends in the team’s performance with a sharable score on your website, which will serve as a testimonial to encourage your customers to make a purchase.
  • Leaderboard – Get a quick overview of team performance for any time period and view results for the entire team or individual team members.
  • Company Performance – The company performance report allows you to monitor how your company is performing against your own goals and your competitors.

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Powerful alone, but better together

Integrate with the tools you love and help your team get more done in ThriveDesk.


Get started with ThriveDesk

Change your customer support experience with ThriveDesk and give your team a better tool to thrive. You’ll be set up in minutes.

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Plans and Features

Deal Terms

  • Lifetime access to ThriveDesk
Limited Time Offer
Grab your ThriveDesk 2nd Anniversary lifetime license now before the deal ends!

License Tier 1

Solopreneur Plan
$ 99 One Time Purchase
  • 1 Mailbox
  • 2 Users
  • Live Chat
  • 5 Apps integration
  • Branding removal on email

License Tier 2

Startup Plan
$ 299 One Time Purchase
  • 2 Mailboxes
  • 5 Users
  • Live Chat
  • 10 app integrations
  • Branding removal on email
  • 10 Workflow automations
  • 1 Knowledge base
  • 1 Community

License Tier 3

Business Plan
$ 499 One Time Purchase
  • Unlimited mailboxes
  • 10 Users
  • Live Chat
  • Unlimited app integrations
  • Branding removal email + live chat
  • Unlimited workflow automations
  • 2 Knowledge bases
  • 2 Communities
  • API access*

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll purchase the LTD directly from the ThriveDesk website. We’ve partnered with ThriveDesk to offer the deal straight from the source.

You should contact ThriveDesk regarding a refund.  This deal will adhere to ThriveDesk’s refund policy since you’ll be purchasing it from their website.  There is a 14-day refund policy stated on their website.

Please check ThriveDesk’s website for full details, but our understanding is that Solopreneur​ and Startup LTD plans are tied to the Basic plan and the Business LTD plan is tied to the Pro plan for all future updates.

A Shared Inbox is a special kind of Inbox that lets multiple team members handle emails that come into one Inbox without any problems.

  • Team collaboration: Private internal notes, @mentions, and collision detection prevent team members from working on the same conversation simultaneously.
  • Conversation History: Easily see the full audit trail on a conversation of who has worked on it and what has happened on it.
  • Reporting: makes it simple to keep tabs on both the individual and collective performance of your team.
  • Powerful Search: With a powerful search query builder, you can find anything and everything with a few clicks.

ThriveDesk adheres to the industry’s best practices and highest standards in all aspect of their work, from code to infrastructure. The data is stored and replicated over various AWS (Amazon Web Services) servers and locations. Every hour, ThriveDesk performs a backup of the data and stores it in multiple locations. Only a small number of our engineers get access to client data because we work on a “Need to know basis.”

ThriveDesk has baked in several layers of enterprise-grade security into our product, platform, and processes. Everything is 256 bit encrypted. ThriveDesk is privacy focused GDPR compliant software from day one.

There are no team-oriented features in Gmail because it was designed to be used by only one person. As part of the ThriveDesk platform, you’ll be able to take advantage of sophisticated collaboration features such as private notes, @mentions, and collision detection.

In addition, ThriveDesk has a bunch of handy features like conversation states, canned reply, powerful reporting and customer information widgets that contain full customer purchase history.

Yes. You can forward in multiple email addresses and each will have its mailbox in ThriveDesk. Your team can see and respond as desired for each brand/store. You can also have multiple assistants, chats, knowledge bases, communities, etc. Each is customized with your branding.

ThriveDesk offers several integrations that can be added to your account. These include internal integrations (assistant, knowledge base, community, etc) as well as a variety of third-party apps that can be connected to ThriveDesk.

As soon as you sign up, ThriveDesk’s onboarding workflow guides you through the process of setting up your mailbox and adding your team members in just a few clicks.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with ThriveDesk’s support team if you have any questions or concerns about how to set up your account!

Yes – there are API limits for the Business plan.  The Standard API rate limits  are applied to the plan. 50 req/min or 3000 req/hour.

From the Founder

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