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Are you a small brand suffering from the following:

Your customers adore your products but their social shout-outs are whispers. 🫢

Influences demand a king’s ransom for a few fleeting likes and shares. 🤷‍♀️

Your brand has a minimal budget. 😪

Ad costs are skyrocketing through no fault of yours. 😩

Constant ad fatigue means you always need new creatives. 😮

There’s no time, money, or team member available to find, manage, negotiate, and pay creators. ⛔

Tackle these challenges head-on with IZYU! Your one-stop solution for UGC content.

Collaborate with creators, drive engagement, and improve performance metrics with budget-friendly UGC campaigns.

Key Features

All-in-one UGC Creator Platform

A single platform to manage all your creators and UGC content requests from beginning to end including briefs, applications, shipping, and approvals.

Reward-based Campaigns

Turn your customers into ambassadors using reward-based campaigns. Ask existing customers to create a video in exchange for a small reward like a discount, gift card, or other.

Gifted Campaigns

Launch gifted campaigns wiht micro-influencers seamlessly with IZYU where you provide the product in exchange for a UGC video.

UGC Marketplace (Paid Videos)

Use the UGC marketplace for paid videos from 4,000+ creators. Expand your marketing with made-to-order content. (Paid collaborations)

4,000 Vetted Creators

Submit a brief and we'll match it to our growing network of opt-in, vetted creators who want to work with small brands. Scale UGC content creation quickly.

Alternative to:

  • Gifted Campaigns: Social Cat, HashGifted
  • Reward Campaigns: Loox, Pixlee
  • UGC Marketplace: Billo, Insense
  • Overview

    Izyu is the only creator platform that has gifted collaborations, reward-based campaigns, and on-demand paid UGC creator marketplace. 

    Do you know buyers prefer seeing real people in ads and not celebrities? Boost your marketing efforts with user-generated content.

    Izyu equips you with the platform to manage both the creators and the content.

    Designed for small brands, IZYU delivers many benefits:

    • Drive your eCommerce store’s narrative with customer videos.
    • Increase your advertising ROAS with creative UGC.
    • Help your digital agency and clients stand out.
    • Amplify your local business social presence.
    • Save thousands on expensive agencies or do it yourself
    • Boost awareness and build trust in your brand
    • Get content on a continuous basis for ads or social media profiles

    IZYU connects brands to creators to produce amazing UGC content that drives sales!

    Why Choose Izyu?

    IZYU LP 03 1 2

    1. Flexible Campaign Types: Reward your customers with additional discounts or Amazon Gift Cards, or send your product to creators for UGC creation. IZYU enables it all.
    2. Quick Process: In just 3 steps, you can have your UGC content live.
    3. User Testimonial: Hear from satisfied users like Greg and Alexander why they love IZYU.
    4. Vast Creator Network: Leverage our vast network of 4000+ creators waiting to rock your brand online.
    5. Smooth Communication: Easily interact with your creators within IZYU for quick revision and approvals.

    Izyu Use Cases

    IZYU LP 04 1

    • For eCommerce Stores and Dropshippers: Let IZYU help amplify your customers’ voices about your majestic products.
    • For Digital Agency Owners: If your clients have amazing products, our 4000+ creators are ready to review.
    • For Advertisers: Combat rising ad costs and ad fatigue with proven UGC content to increase ROAS and sales.
    • For Affiliate Marketers: Problem selling affiliate offers due to lack of trust? Let UGC content be your remedy.
    • For Local Businesses with Online Stores: Why wait to send your products to creators for review, and reward existing customers to create content around your brand?
    • For Social Media Marketers: Get ahead of the game by posting UGC content on Instagram and Facebook.

    Get lifetime access to Izyu today!

    IZYU LP Testimonials

    Want to See Izyu in Action? Watch the Demo Video Below 👇

    Plans and Features

    Deal Terms

    • Lifetime access to Izyu
    • All future plan updates to mapped monthly plan
    • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
    • 30-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

    Features Included in All Plans

    • Access to UGC Marketplace with ~4,000 creators for Paid UGC videos.
    • Add unlimited products
    • Invite creators to campaigns
    • Creator chat (converse with creators on your campaigns)

    License Tier 1

    Starter Plan
    $ 59
    One Time Purchase
    • All features above included
    • 20 Video Submissions / month
    • 1 Workspace
    • 1 User

    License Tier 2

    Growth Plan
    $ 129
    One Time Purchase
    • All features above included
    • 100 Video Submissions / month
    • 5 Workspaces
    • 5 Users

    License Tier 3

    Pro Plan
    $ 249
    One Time Purchase
    • All features above included
    • Unlimited Video Submissions / month
    • 20 Workspaces
    • 20 Users

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes. With IZYU, you’ve ensured 100% licensing & distribution rights for any content created on the platform which you can use freely on social media and ads.

    Your content brief can outline the type of video you want. For example, unboxing, testimonials, product hauls, and TikTok trend-specific videos are quite common.

    IZYU serves as an alternative to platforms such as Billo, Trend.io, Insense, and Social Cat. IZYU is the only platform that is not only a marketplace but also allows gifted campaigns and reward-based campaigns.

    Anyone asking for where are our creators from? Here you go:
    85% of our creators are from the 5 countries below with USA being 61% of all our creators:
    Country # of Creators % of Creators:
    1. United States 2,424 61%
    2. United Kingdom 400 10%
    3. Canada 399 10%
    4. Australia 79 2%
    5. Philippines 73 2%
    Grand Total 3,954 85%
    AND this is the breakdown by CONTINENT:
    Continent # of Creators % of Creators
    North America 2,829 72%
    Europe 790 20%
    Africa 111 3%
    Asia 120 3%
    Australia 80 2%
    South America 24 1%
    Grand Total 3,954  100%

    When you download a video from IZYU, the highest possible resolution is 1080P HD. However, the actual video quality could be lower, depending on the recording capabilities of the creator’s device. This generally isn’t a concern, as the concept of IZYU revolves around genuine, authentic content—sometimes, this authenticity can come through better in lower-quality, more ‘real’ video formats.

    After purchasing you will get a unique redemption code within your Order Confirmation email. It will also contains Redemption Instructions. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions to redeem your purchase.

    We offer a hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee. You can submit a refund request from your My Account dashboard once logged in – OR – you can email – support@rockethub.com with details and we’ll process the refund as soon as possible. Refund requests AFTER the 30-day period will not be provided.

    Yes. To the extent that new features do not have a per-use cost or API usage cost to our company, they will be included in the respective plans. Our lifetime deal plans map to our standard plans on the website. Like any business, we may update pricing plans, limits, and/or names of our public plans in the future but will always honor the plans and limits as shown here for lifetime deal license holders.

    At the time this deal was launched, RocketHub does not support changing or upgrading your plan after purchase.  LTD’s purchased via RocketHub also currently doesn’t support combining or stacking purchase codes.  We recommend purchasing the tier that your business can grow into.

    Founder Details

    Charlie Patel

    Charlie Patel


    Quick Links

    Letter From the Founder

    My team over at Ampfluence runs one of the leading social media growth agencies with a focus on Instagram and TikTok. 

    As alogrithms changed, clients couldn’t grow without content. And the best performing content was user-generated content. So last year we started on a mission to do 2 things:

    1. Create an opt-in creator network for UGC Videos
    2. Connect our clients to creators so they can get the videos they needed for ads and social profiles

    In doing so, we amassed 4,000 creators. So now we faced a different set of problems. 

    • Managing the end-to-end workflow for each video task
    • Eliminating gDocs and XLS and back/forth emails for briefs,  revisions, and task closure
    • Storing and sharing videos with clients.
    • Paying the creators
    • Ensuring creators get access to all the client video requests that were available

    We needed an all-in-one UGC content management platform. Looking outside, they cost thousands of dollars per month. And for our volume, they would’ve cost 5-figures per month. Crazy!

    So we built our own and now manage all our UGC content requests within it. 

    Before we mass market it to brands worldwide, we’re giving the RocketHub community first access. 

    – Charlie Patel, Andrea, Amna, & Tirza

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      IZYU brings organic UGC content

      Rockethub has great deals and IZYU is one of them.
      I need a lot of organic content and this platform has a little bit different focus, matching it.
      On this platform I’ve found a different pipeline of good creators I’m in Europe, and in the USA it’s sure wider.
      The highest Tier gives more and is my tip.

      March 29, 2024
      Verified Review

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    Got a Question? Ask here.

    7 months 17 days ago

    Is gift and reward campaign included in this deal?

    Product Owner
    7 months 13 days ago

    Hi Tony – Yes. All campaign types are included in this deal regardless of which deal you get.

    7 months 17 days ago

    It looks pretty cool but i have several questions :
    1) what does X Video submissions / months mean ?
    2) where are your creators mainly located ?
    3) reward campaign : is it reward for creator or for final customer ?
    4) what is a managed campaign ? I see it’s $99 per video on standard (non LTD) plan. What about this LTD ?
    5) Can we access to all of your creators to send them an invitation to collaborate through Izyu ? Or do you just create a campaign and registered creators can apply ?

    Product Owner
    7 months 13 days ago

    Hi Pierre – I think I answered this on FB thread but will do so here too so others can see.

    1) what does X Video submissions / months mean ?
    It means how many completed videos can be received per month.

    2) See FAQ #4 for detailed breakdown of all of our creators.

    3) Reward for creator.

    4) It refers to paid UGC campaigns. We have a UGC marketplace (like Billo) where you can submit a paid campaign. This is FREE to every brand. So even if you don’t buy our LTD, you can access this as there’s no reason for us to limit the use of the marketplace. The creator gets the majority of that video cost btw. We just serve as middleman platform.

    5) You create a campaign and registered creators can apply to it. They decide if it’s something that interests them or not. The better the offer or the more valuable the product, the more people will apply to that campaign. The less desirable, the less applications.

    Fred Vinson
    7 months 17 days ago

    Questions I have…
    1) Can a workspace invite its own content creators to work with?
    2) Can this be used for a local project to source local content creators and operate as an agency to help businesses facilitate the process?

    Product Owner
    7 months 13 days ago

    Hi Fred –
    1) Yes. You can invite your own creators to your campaign on Izyu and work with them on the platform.
    2) Yes. You can use for that use case. Especially if you can drive those local creators to the platform, this would make a lot of sense as now you have your own built-in creator micro-network.

    Shlomo Z
    7 months 17 days ago

    Question for Charlie Patel or anybody from the IZYU team.
    I am mostly interested in access to your UGC Creator Marketplace with over 4,000 creators.
    On the IZYU Website, the listed price per UGC Marketplace video is a $99 Flat rate (no matter which plan you are on – even the free plan).
    My question is…
    If we purchase the LTD, will there be some sort of discount on the $99 flat rate fee for using UGC Marketplace?
    The deal looks great, but the UGC Marketplace that I can access for FREE is the best part (in my opinion).

    Product Owner
    7 months 13 days ago

    Unfortunately we cannot offer a discount on that as it’s already a low price for creators to do custom UGC videos. We pass on the majority of those funds to the creator. We just take a small commission from it.

    7 months 14 days ago

    No answer => no purchase…

    Product Owner
    7 months 13 days ago

    Sorry most of these were answered on Facebook to the same people. Answered them here too. But if you have any questions, just let us know here or there.

    Fahd Tumbi
    7 months 13 days ago

    Hi .. Just wanted to understand if Izyu could do something like what quinn(dot)live does? Create shoppable videos? If not, would you consider adding this to the tool?

    Product Owner
    7 months 11 days ago

    Hi Fahd – we do not have plans to create AI shoppable videos. We only plan on using real creators to help you produce videos.

    6 months 5 days ago

    How many creators from Spain?

    Product Owner
    4 months 17 days ago

    See FAQ #4.

    5 months 14 days ago

    What exactly does this help with? Thanks

    Product Owner
    4 months 17 days ago

    UGC videos.

    5 months 7 days ago

    only the submission is free for each plan, NOT the UGC delivery right?

    Product Owner
    4 months 17 days ago

    Brands submitting their campaigns is free.

    There are 3 types of campaigns:

    1] Paid campaigns (Pay for video)
    In this campaign, you submit a brief and our team matches that to creator(s) to get it done. This is the only campaign where our team is involved. Similar to Billo.
    – Payment occurs to Izyu.
    – Izyu team releases funds to creator after video is approved.

    2] Reward-based Campaigns (reward for video)
    Ask existing customers to create a video in exchange for a small reward like a discount, gift card, or other.
    – No payment exchanged, though it can be part payment + some reward;
    – Izyu team isn’t involved; self-managed.

    3] Gifted Campaigns (product for video)
    Launch gifted campaigns you provide the product in exchange for a UGC video.
    – No payment exchanged.
    – Izyu team isn’t involved; self-managed.

    4 months 25 days ago

    I suppose I will not find enough creators for my use cases in your network (I need creators in german speaking countries). So if I buy in I will do my own creator research. Therefore my questions are:
    1. Can I invite creators that are not in your database?
    2. If yes, can I invite them to my campaign directly, or can I just invite them to join izyu and then – once they joined, contact them?
    3. If I invite new creators I guess they have to make an account with izyu – is a creator account free or do they have to pay anything (membership, percentage/cut off) and how much they have to pay?
    4. Are creators that I invited and that joined izyu then available to all brands & agencies to hire?
    4.a. Are there different roles of creators (like public or private) and is there a way I can keep creators that I invited exclusive to my own usage?
    Thanks for taking your time to answer these questions

    Product Owner
    4 months 17 days ago

    1. Yes. Can invite creators of your own.

    2. Yes . Can invite directly to campaign.

    3. Yes. They have to create account so we can keep track of deliverables and allow you to get the full benefit of the software.

    4. Not really. If that creator wants to apply to other brands’ public campaigns, they can. But it’s not something we push onto them. We already have some brands that added their own creators which they were working with via emails and messenger.

    4a. Unfortunately, there is no public/private version of creator. Nobody has asked us about that but I can see how it would be a nice to have for certain brands. The only thing is that if they know they’re joining Izyu to work with your brand, they’ll likely check the site and likely be asking how can they see other possible opportunities. It makes it difficult to hide from them as software would need to be 100% white-labeled in that case.

    Thank you.

    4 months 11 days ago

    Please in account settings add the Euro currency.

    Product Owner
    2 months 23 days ago

    Added to the devs queue.

    2 months 26 days ago

    There is Whitelabel option? And Polish language support?

    Product Owner
    2 months 23 days ago

    No whitelabel option. No Language support yet. English only.