• Artificial Intelligence And Recruitment, The 250 Words You Need To Read

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    I am getting a lot of questions about Artificial Intelligence and recruitment. I have even been asked to give several speeches on the impact of AI and machine learning on the future of recruitment.

    And of course I have little real idea. Nor do most people inside and outside recruitment, but that does not stop a huge amount of pontificating and predicting on the subject, some of it truly laughable.

    I will say this, as I believe it to be true.

    Any task that takes no time to think about, will be automated.

    But where there is nuance and influencing possible, thought, planning and opinion needed – it is much harder for AI to replicate.

    So in recruitment, we need to think like this.

    Artificial Intelligence frees you up to do much better that which only YOU can do.

    Read that again, please, and ponder it a while.

    Because that ladies and gentlemen, is selling. That is the bit of your job that will be left once the machines march in.

    But I don't mean 'selling' as cold calling, handing out business cards at an event, or spamming candidates around town.

    No, I use the word selling in a much more modern, holistic and consultative way.

    And that means influencing, persuading, advising, consulting, negotiating, collaborating, acting as an agent for the best talent, and building reputation and brand.

    That is the part of the role where the magic happens. Where the value lies.

    Are you up to it?

    My final word, (for now:) on AI, Machine Learning, and its impact on recruitment? I suspect it will be as it ever was with truly disruptive technology advance.

    It's impact will be vastly overstated in the short-term and hugely underestimated in the long run.

    Source: Greg Savage.

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