Spotlight Series: Victor Lupu of Lupu Astrology

RocketHub thrives on entrepreneurs. And we want to help you connect with each other. In the Spotlight Series we highlight RocketHub members and their businesses. Read, learn and get in touch with Victor Lupu of Lupu Astrology.

Businesses are born out of unconditional passion and Victor Lupu's idea for a business is one he has created out of a love for the cosmos. Getting his business ready to launch is something Victor has been meticulously working on for some time now. He has been careful about shaping the business, and he desires to come up with something unique and unlike anything that exists.

In 2010, Victor stumbled onto an idea. He wondered what it would be like to use his computer to illustrate what he observed with his telescope. What resulted was a collection of extraordinary and vivid astronomy images. This started a journey to producing a star‐gazing computer program.

While he is still in the developing stages of his program, what has been successful so far is his website Lupu Victor Astronomy. On the website, Victor has made it simple for star‐gazing aficionados to track the phases and conditions of the moon and check out maps of astro landscaping. He also offers equipment reviews and even has a store where visitors can download vivid photos of their favorite nebulas.

When it comes to facing his biggest challenge, Victor equates that with the research it takes to understand where your venture stands in relation to those that already exist. It is something Victor is in the process of working out. What he is certain about is the work he continues to contribute to his astro journal. And he knows that with small‐but‐sure steps, he will achieve all of his personal projects.

In the future Victor hopes to see the successful launch of his astronomy business. He would eventually like to try his hand at publishing, or better yet, at becoming the go‐to advisor for beginning astro‐photographers. Having already created a series of astrophotography tutorials, Victor has become the advisor for beginners on buying equipment, distinguishing the difference between telescope models, and a how‐to guide on maximizing the use of modest equipment. The possibilities are endless.

To learn more about Victor Lupu and his latest astrophotography antics, connect with him on his RocketHub profile.

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