Spotlight Series: Wesley Baker of Tripbnb

RocketHub thrives on entrepreneurs. And we want to help you connect with each other. In the Spotlight Series we highlight RocketHub members and their businesses. Read, learn and get in touch with Wesley Baker, CEO of Tripbnb. Wesley once built a company from a single investment of thirty dollar which he grew into a success.

Born and raised in the UK, Wesley started his first business venture at a very early age. Over the course of his history, he has founded a number of businesses in a number of different industries. Including travel, software, airline, business incubation, media, space tourism and medical research & development. In 1984 he set his sights on the tourism industry where he was inspired by the late Sir Freddie Laker to pursue the business world. His experience spreads across a number of tourism sectors and industries.

"I'm the forever entrepreneur; always questioning what is needed. And looking for new business and networking opportunities."

When asked about his biggest success, he says it would be detrimental to all of his wins to single out just one. "As an entrepreneur, you experience so many ups and downs and successes along the way, each one deserves the merit of achievement at the time. So to focus on one would be difficult." Though, Wesley is especially proud of the way he re‐shaped the surf tourism industry worldwide with his vision, which also helped thousands of small businesses flourish.

"When it comes to challenges", he says, "the biggest to overcome is when you lose a company and you have to rebuild. Not just your company, but your body, soul, your reputation and your will to start all over again. It's important to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and ask yourself 'what did I learn and what went wrong?'. Then start with a fresh new vision, ambition and strive for the top. It takes some time to regroup, but you're not a true entrepreneur until you've lost a business. It's until then that you can say you have experienced every aspect of being an entrepreneur."

Wesley believes his biggest success is yet to come with Tripbnb, a travel booking website that is quickly gaining popularity, "I am confident this will be a very successful business." He is also working on several new and exciting ventures, including one which involves developing a detection device for early stage cancer, tuberculosis and other diseases. To his fellow entrepreneurs he stresses the importance of surrounding yourself with trustworthy individuals. "If you are concerned about your network or your team, don't hesitate to change it for the better."

To find out more detailed information about Wesley and to connect with him, check out his RocketHub profile.

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