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OKPOP Presents... Still The King

  • $2,515

  • 18 Funders
  • Ended 05/06/14

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  • Utah Cox
  • June Chubbuck
  • Andrea Arnold Ruby
  • Bob Wills Heritage Foundation, Inc.
  • Fund $5 and more
    Social media shout out

    Big "Thank You" across all of our social media platforms!

  • Fund $10 and more
    Still the King Decal
    Still the King Decal

    This special design shows your love for Bob Wills and Support for the “Still The King” project!

  • Fund $10 and more
    Still the King Sticker

    Show your support for the OKPOP museum with your new sticker!

    1 Funders

  • Fund $25 and more
    Bob Wills photograph

    Selected print from the OKPOP/Estate of Bob Wills, Inc. Collection

    7 Funders

  • Fund $50 and more
    “Still The King” commemorative T-Shirt
    “Still The King” commemorative T-Shirt

    This specially designed T-shirt while show your support for the making of this amazing documentary. We will email you to make sure to get your proper size prior to shipping.

  • Fund $50 and more
    Still the King T-Shirt

    Official t-shirt from the documentary. We will e-mail you to confirm sizing.

    4 Funders

  • Fund $100 and more
    Still the King Poster

    Official poster from Still the King

    1 Funders

  • Fund $250 and more
    An Autographed copy of “The San Antonio Rose"
    An Autographed copy of “The San Antonio Rose"

    The San Antonio Rose is the official biography of Bob Wills, penned by Dr. Charles Townsend who is a major contributor to the content of this film.

  • Fund $250 and more
    Signed copy of "San Antonio Rose"

    Signed copy of official Bob Wills biography from Dr. Charles Townsend

    2 Funders

  • Fund $500 and more
    Still the King vinyl album

    Official vinyl album of the "Still the King" documentary

    1 Funders

  • Fund $1,000 and more
    Invitation to premiere; private lunch with Kevin Meyer and Carolyn Wills

    Become one of a select few to attend the premiere of Still the King, Includes a private luncheon with director Kevin Meyer and Bob Wills' daughter, Carolyn Wills. (includes previous items)

    1 Funders

  • Fund $5,000 and more
    Special "Thank You" in the Credits

    With this donation, your name will appear in the "Thank You" section of the film's credits! (includes previous items)

  • Fund $10,000 and more
    Associate Producer credit

    With this donation you will receive a credit as on of the film's Associate Producers! (includes previous items)