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Partnership Announcement: A&E + RocketHub = Crowdfunding Goes Big

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Bring a Scorpion Expert to BugFest!

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  • Ended 09/17/13

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  • sam nechvatal
  • Maureen O'Brien
  • Melinda Shepard
  • Michelle
  • Fund $10 and more
    BugFest Poster
    BugFest Poster

    Get a copy of the awesome BugFest Scorpion poster! 11"x17"

    12 Funders

  • Fund $25 and more
    BugFest Water Bottle
    BugFest Water Bottle

    An emerald green water bottle featuring a praying mantis! a BugFest poster!

    18 Funders

  • Fund $50 and more
    Museum T-Shirt
    Museum T-Shirt

    A cool Museum shirt from either BugFest, Astronomy Days or Reptile and Amphibian Day (requests for specific shirts honored while supplies last) all of the above!

    6 Funders

  • Fund $100 and more
    BugFest Scorpion T-Shirt
    BugFest Scorpion T-Shirt

    The 2013 BugFest T-shirt featuring a scorpion design! all of the above! (Shirt is currently in the design process, art is not final!)

    9 Funders

  • Fund $500 and more
    Museum Membership and AZ Tour
    Museum Membership and AZ Tour

    Get a one-year membership to the Museum and a super-cool behind-the-scenes tour of the Arthropod Zoo! all of the above.

    1 Funders