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Facing Life's Decisions: the search for truth in Alternative Medicine

Project Leaders  
  • $16,188

  • 233 Funders
  • Ended 05/25/13

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  • Stacy Fiehler Lucido
  • Gina Snow
  • Colleen McFadden Decker
  • Corey Triplett
  • Fund $5 and more
    High Five

    a virtual high five and the satisfaction of knowing that you contributed to the making of this important film

    20 Funders

  • Fund $15 and more
    Shout Out

    you get a virtual high five plus a facebook shout out for this awesome contribution!!! Be proud for supporting this amazing project

    38 Funders

  • Fund $25 and more
    A big thanks!!

    a virtual high five, a personalized thank you postcard sent from switzerland, as well as an audio download for guided meditation & healing practice

    70 Funders

  • Fund $50 and more
    Updates and Downloads

    In addition to a personalized thank you postcard from switzerland, the digital audio download and the virtual high five, you will receive a digital download of film outtakes as well as an email which will include update information regarding my mother's progress.

    44 Funders

  • Fund $100 and more
    Digital Download

    In addition to all of the above, you will receive a digital download of the finished film.

    27 Funders

  • Fund $200 and more
    Film Credit

    In addition to all of the above, your name will receive special thanks in the film's credits

    18 Funders

  • Fund $500 and more

    All of the above, plus a Life's Decisions T-Shirt as well as an invitation to the first screening of the finished film. (accommodation/travel not included).

    5 Funders

  • Fund $1,000 and more
    Associate Producer

    All of the above, plus associate producer credit (thank you and congratulations!)

    2 Funders

  • Fund $5,000 and more
    executive producer

    All of the above, plus an executive producer credit which entitles you to viewings of the rough cut as well as editing room visits. (congratulations and thanks!)