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    NEWS FLASH! Since most indoor air pollutants are measured in microns, a HEPA purifier will remove 99.97% (99,997 out of 10,000) of airborne pollutants that are commonly found in most homes today-pollutants such as dust, pet dander, mold and mildew spores, viruses, bacteria, gases, smoke, and odors. Common pollutants inside your home can include molds and fungi spores, bacteria and viruses, pollen, cigarette smoke, volatile organic compounds (VOCs emitted from carpeting, paint, and other construction materials), dust and pet dander, and fumes from air fresheners and other cleaning supplies. Whirlpool Air Purifiers come with built-in dust and smell sensors to continuously monitor the air quality and pollution degree in your home. That way the filter and motor are sure to be able to clean the air efficiently. What's more important to notice, though, is not all air purifiers work the same. For pet shops, indoor kennels and veterinary offices, your best bet is to take a close look at the carbon filter in the air purifier. That last number is almost double the speed at which the Coway Mighty cleans a similar-sized space, and it's easily enough to rapidly clean the air in the shared living space of most homes. Even though HEPA filters have a large number of pleats to maximize their surface area, they can fill up quickly if larger particles are not pre-filtered out. The tape is just helpful to keep it tidy so when you shut off your fan the filter doesn't just flop off,” Erik Saganic, air resources specialist for Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, said. We go into detail on the physics of the process in How HEPA filters work , below. HEPA filters are able to remove 99.7% of the airborne particles so make the air quality much better. A: This acronym represents an important measurement for air purifiers. So the message is, take the advertised room size with a pinch of salt, always ask how many actual air changes the unit will provide in your room - regardless of what is claimed on the box.



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