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BrewDog is an alternative small business owned by thousands of people who love craft beer. They are our shareholders, our friends, our community and the heart and soul of our business. We have over 46,000 Equity Punks worldwide, and this is your chance to join them.

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Our first Equity for Punks round for our American business has landed! We are combining Europe’s most explosive craft brewer with the world’s most exciting craft beer market. Expect fireworks.

At BrewDog, our philosophy has always been to shorten the distance as much as possible between ourselves, and the people who enjoy our beers. Equity for Punks is the ultimate incarnation of this philosophy.

BrewDog is an alternative small business owned by thousands of people who love craft beer. They are our shareholders, our friends, our community and the heart and soul of our business. We have over 46,000 Equity Punks worldwide, and this is your chance to join them.

Business & Offering

We have been the fastest growing food & drinks company in the uk over the last four years, and now we are coming to america. Here’s your chance to get involved.

We’re aiming to raise up to $50 million by selling 1,052,632 shares of Common Stock in BrewDog USA Inc. The offer is open to anyone who wants to invest, anywhere in the world, as long as it is legal in your country – check your local laws. Shares cost $47.50 each, and the minimum investment is 2 shares ($95).


James Watt

James Watt
Captain & Co-Founder

James Watt, Managing Director of BrewDog plc and Chief Executive Officer of BrewDog USA has been named Scottish Entrepreneur of the Year three times. He won the Great Britain Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2015. Penguin Publishing recently published his best selling business book Business for Punks. James is one of only eleven Master Cicerones in the world.

Martin Dickie

Martin Dickie
Beer Pirate & Co-Founder

Martin Dickie, BrewDog plc’s Brewing Director and Chief Operations Officer of BrewDog USA, has won two gold medals for BrewDog beers at the World Beer Cups as well as four gold medals at the World Beer Awards, making BrewDog’s beers amongst the highest rated and most decorated on the planet. James and Martin also host BrewDogs – the longest running beer television show in history – which is broadcast in the U.S. by the Esquire Network.

Neil Simpson

Neil Simpson
Beer Pirate & Co-Founder

Neil Simpson joined BrewDog plc in August 2012, bringing with him more than 20 years of experience, (10 of which were at partner level), advising and acting for a wide variety of businesses through the Ritson Smith accountancy practice. Neil is a qualified chartered accountant with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland.

Tim Hawn

Tim Hawn
Head of Production

BrewDog’s Columbus brewery will be run by Tim Hawn. For the past nineteen years, Tim has brewed beers for Boston Beer Company, Pete’s Wicked Ales, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery as well as a large multinational brewer. During his time in brewery leadership, he has worked with the brewing team to ensure beer quality across the board. He has led departments in all phases of brewery production from raw material selection to packaging, and as Brewmaster at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery.



Simcoe is our resident Hop Pup. With a degree in brewing & distilling, as well as PhD in Astrophysics, Simcoe is a world-renowned thought leader eating apples. His business mantra is never give up, and he has been known to spend up to 7 hours working that dog toy to get the biscuits. It’s an attitude that inspires the rest of our senior team. He is also very smiley, for a dog.


How do I buy shares?
Easy! You've come to the right place! Check out this page and the brochure in the documents section below to learn about our business and the benefits of becoming an Equity Punk. Be sure to review the Offering Circular, which includes investment risks. It’s in the documents section below, or you can check it out on the SEC’s website.

What should I do before buying shares?
You should read the risks, which are located in the Offering Circular available here (don’t worry, it has some nice pictures too) and the terms and conditions, which are also included in the document. There is also a bit more information about being an Equity Punk in the brochure, which you can find below in the Documents section.

Once you've read through everything, you will need to fill out some forms (the US government insists!) but we made the process as easy as possible. Just look to the right side of your screen for the Invest Now button.

How much do shares cost?
Shares cost $47.50 each, and you can buy any number of shares, with the minimum investment being two shares for $95.

What discounts do shareholders get?
After you invest and become a shareholder in BrewDog, you entitle yourself to a lifetime discount in all of our bars and BottleDogs and a 20% lifetime discount on the BrewDog USA shop which stocks tonnes of awesome merch. The discount can be claimed with your shareholder ID card in our bars, and our website is set up to automatically apply your discount at the checkout. You’ll just have to wait until your shares are allotted before you can use it. The discount entitlement works as follows:

5% discount

20% discount

I live outside the USA! Can I invest?
Yes you can still invest! Our share offering has been qualified by the SEC for US citizens to invest, but investors outside the USA may also be eligible to buy shares too! We’re more than happy for anyone and everyone to invest from anywhere in the world, we just ask that you ensure your own situation allows you to become an investor wherever you live or invest from.

I am already a shareholder, can I buy more?
If you have already bought shares in Equity for Punks for our UK business previously, you are one of the 46,000 people who we class as our nearest and dearest friends. Thank you! As long as you are comfortable that your own situation makes you eligible to be an investor, we’d love for you to join the ranks of our investors in our US company! Our website is set up to clearly display the number of shares you hold in both BrewDog PLC and BrewDog USA. You are also eligible for a truly exclusive enamel pin badge as well as a one-off double discount code to use on the BrewDog online shop (yes you’re right, that is up to 40%!).

Can I sell my shares?
While selling your shares is allowed after we close the offering, you will have to find a purchaser as we will not be listed on any exchange. Eventually, our goal is to have the shares publicly listed and tradable on an exchange, but that may not happen for some time.

Can I buy the shares as a gift for someone?
It is awesome to hear that you want to buy someone shares in Equity for Punks USA as a gift! We are working on a solution for gifting shares at the moment and hoping to have this sorted as soon as possible. As it looks today we can’t accept gift applications just now as the name in which the shares are held must be the same name on the bank account that pays for it. As soon as we have a solution, we’ll make sure we shout loud about the opportunity when it becomes available!

How is the value of the company calculated?
The valuation of the company was based on many factors, including expected volumes to be produced, capacity and potential for expansion, anticipated demand and recent acquisitions of other breweries. The valuation was not based on any set valuation criteria, and was not based on an independent, third party valuation.

How is Equity for Punks regulated?
We are thrilled to be able to offer our Equity for Punks USA shares through ‘Regulation A+’ in the States which was just made legal last year, allowing our American friends to join our legions of passionate shareholders across the world by investing in BrewDog USA! As one of the first companies to launch an equity crowdfunding round in the US we hope to inspire more companies to raise funds through this awesome alternative way of funding your business!

BrewDog's Equity for Punks USA offer is being made under “Regulation A+” which is Title IV of the JOBS Act. Our offering had to be submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission and qualified by them before we could offer any shares for sale. Equity for Punks USA is regulated by federal and state securities laws. The legal work in preparing the offering circular and the offering itself was carried out by attorney Kendall Almerico and his law firm DiMuroGinsberg. The audit of BrewDog USA Inc.'s financial records was carried out by Ernst & Young, and these records are the basis for the financial information contained in the offering circular.

When am I allowed to invest?
You can invest right now! Just check out the information and Offering Circular, including investment risks, on this page.

Why crowdfunding, and what’s with this Regulation A+ word salad?
BrewDog is an alternative small business from Scotland, owned by thousands of people who love craft beer. They are our shareholders, our friends, our community and the heart and soul of our business. In 2010, we tore up convention, turned the traditional business model on its head and launched Equity for Punks giving thousands of people in Europe a front row seat to the craft beer revolution.

But we could not do the same thing in America until Regulation A+ recently became legal, allowing our American friends to join our legions of passionate shareholders across the world by investing in BrewDog USA. This is your chance to join our 46,000 global Equity Punk community who are the heart and soul of our operations.

How much are you going to raise?
We are releasing enough shares to raise up to $50 million, and every penny invested will help build our brewery and our business in Columbus, Ohio and BrewDog bars across America. The number of bars we can launch will depend on the final amount raised, but there is no minimum we need to raise.

Why raise all this money if the brewery is already being built?
The more money we raise, the faster we are able to grow and to get BrewDog beer into the hands of more and more craft beer fans across the US. The more money we raise, the more BrewDog bars we can open in more cities. In our offering circular, we explain in more detail what we intend to do with the money raised.

Can anyone invest?
Yes, anyone can invest! Regulation A+ allows anyone to invest in our company, not just the fat cats and rich people with yachts and swimming pools who used to hold a monopoly over investment in companies like ours. With Regulation A+, BrewDog can accept investments from anyone, and you can become part of our craft beer revolution for as little at $95. We would much rather have the backing of craft beer fans who love and care about the beer we make, than just the rich folks on Wall Street.

How long will people be able to buy the stock?
Shares will be available until February 3, 2017 (subject to change), or until we raise a total of $50 million; whichever is sooner.

How do people pay for the stock?
When you click the Invest Now button on this page you will fill out a couple of forms and then have the opportunity to pay either by ACH (you electronically transfer the money from your bank account to a bank escrow account, who then releases it to us), BACS (a similar system to ACH available to UK investors), wire, or by check. Unfortunately, under US law, you cannot use a credit or debit card, but we still made the process as easy for you to follow as we are allowed to by law!

Will the stock be listed on an exchange like NASDAQ?
Eventually, that is our goal. But for now, our shares are not publicly traded on any exchange.

How many shares of stock are available? What happens when they run out?
We started with a total of 1,052,632 shares to sell. The number available goes down every time a new Equity Punk joins our American craft beer revolution. When these shares run out, there are no more for sale in this offering.

Where do you plan on opening BrewDog bars?
We’re planning on launching a number of epic craft beer brew pubs and bars across the States. Initially, we have our sights set on Columbus, Ohio – we’ve secured an epic location in Franklinton – but we’ll also be looking at where we see hubs of investment from new Equity Punks, and bump any interesting regions up our list!

What happens if you raise less than $50 million?
We are building a world-class craft beer brewery in Columbus and coming to America, no matter how much money we raise. But, the more we raise, the faster we can grow, and the quicker we can recruit an amazing crew of craft beer crusaders as foot soldiers for BrewDog USA. Every dollar invested will be used to expand our US operations in order to spread our passion for great craft beer across this great country.