• 7 Tools for Creating Landing Pages That Captivate Your Audience And Earn Email Subscribers

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    You know that I have a love affair with technology right (hence the name YourChicGeek). And it's not because of how cool I think tech is…it's because of what technology allows folks like you and me to do online.

    The other day, one of my readers asked me a question about one of my landing pages. Specifically they wanted to know what I used to create them, design them and also…what benefits would a landing page offer their business. Before I dive off into the marketing benefits of using Landing pages, I want to first start by running down the list of 7 tools that I use for creating mine.

    #1: Thrive Architect

    Purpose: To create landing pages on WordPress (without any special tech or design skills)

    Cost: $97 (One-Time Fee)

    Thrive Architect is one of those tools that I talk about a lot here on the blog because well it is just a bad arse tech tool.

    Thrive Architect

    In case you haven't heard me ramble about Thrive Architect before lemme give you a small refresher. It is a WordPress visual editor designed by Thrive Themes for WordPress websites and blogs.

    In the Rapid Landing Pages, Webinar Champ and EPIC eCourse and Sales Pages that sizzle trainings in the Blazing Branding Academy, I take you behind the scenes of Thrive Architect to show you how to create landing pages of all sorts to grow your brand.

    You can create just about any kind of landing page there is with this tool plus customize and brand them in a matter of minutes. Were talking everything from changing fonts, to button colors and pretty much everything you want to change up is customizable with Thrive Architect.

    Here's an example of a landing page I created with Thrive Architect for a 14-day trial of the Blazing Branding Academy below:

    Blazing Branding Academy

    Wanna know how long it took me to create this page? Around 10 or 15 minutes….

    #2: Canva For Work

    Purpose: To design lead magnets, eBook Covers and pretty much all of my graphics

    Cost: $12.95 per month

    Canva For Work is a design resource that I use every.single.day. From my blog graphics, to social media graphics, to workbooks, its Canva for work errday yall. There are just so many gorgeous templates out there in Canva land that you can download, edit and brand the way that you want them.

    Canva For Work

    Plus: I love the fact that Canva for Work has some more advanced features to it which makes is amazzzinnggggg.

    For example: You can do things like take one image that you've created in 500X500 then automatically resize it to an 800X800 (instead of starting from scratch).

    #3: Photopea.com

    Purpose: Photoshop alternative for creating graphic mockups for my landing pages

    Price: Free

    Yall, Photopea.com is an amazing resource that I use all of the time to create product mockups with.


    Well because it's not as confusing to use as Photoshop (in my humble opinion). Another reason that I love using Photopea is that its easy to use.


    Plus, something to make note of: Anything that you are planning to give away on your landing pages or have visitors opt-in for, you should ALWAYS try to create a mock-up of that image.

    Mocking up your freebies will increase conversions to your landing pages and helps your visitors envision themselves using whatever it is you are giving away.

    #4: The EMV Headline Analyzer

    Purpose: To create magnetic headlines for your landing pages

    Price: Free

    The EMV Headline Analyzer tool helps you gauge whether or not your headlines will have emotional appeal to your audience.

    Something that I try to keep in mind anytime that I am creating copy for my sales pages, emails and pretty much any copy that I write:

    Is this content “emotionally" driven?

    Right now I'm reading an awesome book by Sean D'Souza called the Brain Audit. In Sean's book, he talks about the importance of writing marketing messages based on the emotional needs of the folks that you want to reach.

    So…With the EMV headline Analyzer, after you have created headlines for your landing pages, you just paste that into the tool and it will give you a score based based on how emotionally charged your copy is.

    #5: Cover Vault

    Purpose: To get free eBook Mockups

    Price: Free

    Wooo weeee! Covervault has a treasure trove of freebies and eBook mockup files that you can download and use to brand your landing pages with. I can't remember when I ran across this site… but i'm thinking that maybe it was via a Google search.

    Anywho… I'm glad that we crossed paths because Cover Vault is a wonderful place to get free mockup designs for eBooks, hard books, box sets, audiobooks and even eReaders (like this one):

    So if you have an eBook or report that you are planning to add to your landing page as a giveaway, check out the mockup selection over at Cover Vault.

    #6: Colorpalettes.net

    Purpose: To brand your landing pages

    Price: Free

    Creating a consistent branding experience is a necessity on your landing pages. If you're not a pro at choosing colors that compliment one another then this a highly recommended resource.

    Choosing colors for your landing page is easy peasy with this tool as it takes all of the guesswork out of “which colors go well together". I struggled with this for a longggg time yall until I discovered this tool, so check it out when you can.

    #7: Copyblogger.com

    Purpose: Information for Writing Compelling landing page copy

    Price: Free

    Copy is powerful. If you want a high converting landing page that really captivates your visitors, it starts with powerful copy.

    Seriously….One of the places (and resources) that I refer to often for writing copy for my landing pages is Copyblogger.com.

    Brian Clark and the team over there are phenomenal and have a tonnnn of content that will help you write copy that sizzles for your landing pages. So anytime that I write copy for a page, I refer to the content on their blogs.

    Need Help Building and Designing Your Landing Pages?

    If you want to design and create your own stunning landing pages that grow your business, captivate your audience and explode your email list, check out the Rapid Landing Pages training in the Blazing Branding Academy. You can start a 14-Day trial here.

    Cheers and here's to rocking it out with landing pages…

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