• Massive Lies Recruiters Tell Themselves

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    This may not be a comfortable read.

    Almost all recruiters tell themselves huge lies.

    I did it when I was a recruiter, and I did it when I was manager too.

    It's a human trait on a broader level for sure, as well. We finesse reality to make ourselves feel better.

    We tweak the truth to make our failures less painful. And we exaggerate our contribution to meet our own egotistical self – construct.

    And it's dangerous for your career health!

    I don't want to go all psychobabble on you, but I see it every day.

    And it matters, because it stunts growth and learning. It closes doors that otherwise could be pried open, and it reduces our credibility in the eyes of others who can often see through the lies we tell ourselves, and sometimes, them too.

    Told yourself these lies lately?

    It's the market! Its dead.

    It's not my fault I can't generate any fees! No-one is hiring. The clients won't see recruiters. There are no jobs. There are no available candidates in my sector. It's not me. It's 'the market'. (Never mind that I live in a city of 5 million people and thousands of people are accepting jobs every day. And there are 500 competing recruiting companies, all of whom seem to be doing fine, thanks for asking.)

    That is my client.

    That client only works with me. I have every job exclusively. In fact she loves me. She would never go elsewhere. In fact the only reason she uses my recruitment company is because of.. me.

    The client put the job on hold.

    Yeah right! No way on Gods green earth that it could have been filled by another agency.. right?

    My company has never done anything for me.

    Totally! Never trained you. Never paid you. Never generated marketing. Never gave you leads. Never provided you an ATS. Never fed you a client. Never ran ads on your behalf. Never supported you through that lean patch. Never, ever, ever! You did it all yourself.

    I don't need to attend training sessions. I know about all that stuff.

    Of course not. You are fine. You have three years experience after all. What can you possibly learn from training? What is there for you to learn? It's all good.

    Technology change won't affect me.

    Sure! You have your database in you head. Your memory is infallible, you mention that quite often. You have been a big-biller for years. You talk about that a lot too. You survived every other technology change. Just keep doing it your way. What could go wrong? No risk there at all!

    It's not me, it's them.

    I always pass on leads. I always pick up the phone if the receptionist is away. I always do my admin perfectly. I always wash my lunch plates. I never snap at the admin staff. I am always passing on candidates for other consultants' jobs. It's not me! It's them!

    She is not that good a recruiter. Just lucky.

    Nothing to do with the fact she works harder. Does more BD. Does more activity than you. Sources better candidates than you. Delivers better quality than you. Provides better candidate service. No, she is just plain lucky.

    Of course I look after my candidates!

    All of them. Especially ones I can't help. And the ones who miss out on the offer, or the shortlist. Keep them informed. Return their calls. Treat with respect. Always.

    Of course I hit all my KPI's!

    And all the stats I provided are 100% accurate…promise….

    Source: Greg Savage.

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