• No, Actually Recruitment Does Not Build Character

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    I was chatting to a recruitment company owner the other day, and we were debating about how tough Agency recruitment is as an industry. He went on to say how the rigours of learning the recruitment business was excellent for 'building character'. And of course he was half right.

    There is no doubt that Agency recruitment is an exceptionally tough business, with many disappointments, obstacles and constant learning. It's also true that facing these challenges will burnish the resilience and determination you already have.

    But on one point I disagree with him. Succeeding in recruitment does not build character.


    It reveals it!

    To succeed in a job like recruitment, over the long term, you have to have resilience, toughness, determination, and achievement-drive already built into your DNA. The rigours of our industry will reveal it, (or not!) and no doubt refine it, but it will not build on what was not already there.

    This is my opinion after almost 40 years in this industry, including hiring and managing thousands of recruiters.

    I have seen supremely talented individuals fail because they do not have the intrinsic attributes to cope with the inevitable disappointments. No amount of 'experience' fixed that issue. In fact, it made it worse.

    I have also seen moderately talented people thrive and forge long careers because they have the innate determination and drive to overcome.

    This is not an esoteric discussion. This is a key understanding as you go about deciding who to hire, invest in, and promote.

    You might also want to consider your career choice, with this insight in mind, after some deep personal reflection.


    It does not build character.

    It reveals it.

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