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    It's 2017, and the technology boom that has occurred has been remarkable. Technological developments continue to trend toward the family, but there have also been some amazing advancements in fitness, and of course, in this increasingly social world— communications. Here is, for your reading pleasure, and to keep you abreast of the hottest gadgets on the market, a brief summary of some of the once luxury devices that have quickly become favorites and must haves.


    While this article is not intended to rank the "hotness" of devices in any quantitative order, it is only appropriate to start this list off with smartphones, as they do reign supreme in the constantly evolving technological landscape. Every time either Apple or Samsung releases the latest installment of their flagship devices, the Iphone and Galaxy S series respectively, they seemingly consume the entire consciousness of every smartphone consumer and connoisseur. Motorola is taking their best shot at the two titans of smartphones with their Moto Z Force line which features attachable accessories called Moto Modsthat alter and enhances the phone's capabilities.

    Internet Television

    Long gone are the days of having to wait for a rerun to air if you miss an episode of your favorite television show. Long forgotten are the days of "taping" the big game because you have to work an ungodly shift, and obsolete are video rental stores. Netflix started a revolution when they brought the video rental store to your living room, and from then on, internet television has made on demand t.v. shows, movies, and even live sporting events a regularity.

    Smart Speakers

    Smart Speakers. Really. They are a thing, and they are flying off of the shelves like they're attached to drones. Amazon's Echo, with great and light-hearted marketing, entered into the hearts and homes of Americans like a fond relative. However, there are others that are vying to be just as clever and lovable as Alexa.


    For many adults, a projector may bring back memories of middle school biology class, but today, projectors are used just as much, if not more, for in home entertainment. This device, which has re-popularized itself, allows you to play video games and watch movies on a surface as expansive as your living room wall, and are even great for outdoor usage. Just picture a nice, warm bonfire, some marshmallows, and your favorite film. Projectors are now even mounted to alarm clocks and also smartphones.

    Fitness Bracelets

    People have become more health conscious, and the technological world has been developing new gadgets with those folks in mind, with the fitness bracelet being the hottest item for that market. Led by Fitbit, fitness bands have even surpassed Smartwatches in popularity, and will only become more popular as they add more features.


    Well, the word is out, cigarettes stink, and they are bad for your health? So, what, is everyone supposed to quit smoking? Like so many questions that have plagued mankind, one of the answers to this question may have been found in technology: vape pens, or "vapes." They are often allowed in places where cigarettes are not. Also, purchasing vape juices once a week rather than a pack of cigarettes everyday, like many smokers do, is much more cost efficient.

    What's Next?

    Technology in and of itself is a field of advancement, and there is likely no end to the world transforming gadgets that routinely splash into the market and American households. The devices that are already out will continue to have more features and become increasingly user friendly. It will be interesting to see, in the near future, what new technologies will capture the minds and imaginations of consumers.

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