• 21 Ways To Get New Leads For Your Online Business

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    I had an interesting conversation with a good friend Sarah the other day.

    Sarah is currently working in corporate America, she's unhappy and she wants to start her own business online.

    Sure, Sarah is fully aware of the 90% failure rate of most online businesses, but she is ready to move full steam ahead with her business.

    I decided to check in with Sarah months after she launched her business online. She was pretty overwhelmed, confused and frustrated with her progress.

    She hadn't landed a single client, nor was she able to get any new solid business leads from her website.

    I realized after following up with Sarah, that she was missing one of the most critical + essential components that every online business should have: a lead magnet to help her build a sales funnel.

    In this post, I will cover 21 types of irresistible lead magnets to build an email list with and get prospects into your sales funnel.

    Why Adding a Lead Magnet to Your Site to Build an Email List Is Important

    Here's the thing: A very high percentage of the visitors that make their way to your site may never return.

    They are usually not ready to buy anything from you or do business right away — and are generally just browsing your site to find out more about you.

    This is why having a lead magnet of some sort in place to offer your visitors to capture information from them to get them into your sales funnel is extremely important.

    What is a Lead Magnet – Exactly?

    Lead magnets are usually content based guides that solve a specific problem for your audience that you can offer from your site in exchange for a person's email address or other contact information.

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