• How to Blog with Confidence: 5 Tips for Overcoming the Fear of Blogging

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    Have you been wanting to start blogging but have been scared to pull the trigger? Perhaps you're afraid of what other people will think? Or maybe you don't think that you are a great writer..and therefore blogging is not going to work out for you. If you are looking for tips on overcoming the fear of blogging, I am hoping this post will help! This is exactly what a recent client and friend contacted me about… Right now, she is holding down a corporate job, but is ready to start a side business. One of the challenges that she is facing that most startups have is that she has very little capital to invest in starting her business.

    How a Lack of Confidence in Writing and Sharing Content Nearly Prevented Her from Blogging
    I mentioned to her that one of the most affordable ways to market her business using the internet is to start blogging. She immediately started to freak out because she didn't believe that she was a good writer and scoffed off the idea of blogging. I then proceeded to tell her that "Yes, when you first start blogging it's uncomfortable. "You're gonna write content that you don't think anyone will find valuable. You will have days where you don't think that anyone will EVER read your blog and even worse you may start to think that your writing is not good enough. But you still keep going anyways." After our chat, we immediately started putting a blogging strategy together mixed with a content marketing strategy that she could implement right away.

    What I Did to Overcome the Fear of Blogging and Became a More Confident Writer
    Years ago, I launched a blog in another niche that was very competitive. I didn't think anyone would read the content since I was a complete newbie to the blogosphere. One might say that I was a little fish in the sea of millions. However, I went ahead and launched the blog to the world and mannnn was I excited. I just knew that peeps were going to be as excited as I was and would run over to read what I had written. Can we say "queue the crickets"….

    • There wasn't a single comment left on the blog
    • There were hardly any readers (I know this because I checked my Analytics frequently)
    • I wanted to quit!
    Was my writing not good enough? Did anyone even know that my blog existed? I'm not sure but I kept writing anyways….

    I Wanted To QUIT…Really I did!
    I was at a point with this specific brand where I was writing content like crazy. However, my blog was not getting a ton of traffic. One day, as I was checking my analytics, I noticed a bump in traffic…which was great! As I started to dig around a little more, I realized that the surge in traffic came from the New York Times small business blog. I was SHOCKED! I mean seriously…the freaking New York Times? Was this some sort of mistake? NOPE! It wasn't. In fact, I headed straight over to the New York Times Small Business blog and saw the link to my blog post. I couldn't believe that content that I had written from an unknown blog appeared in the New York Times. This big win helped me become a more confident blogger!

    5 Tips for Overcoming The Fear of Blogging and Becoming a Content Producing Maven!
    Perhaps you haven't started for some of the most obvious reasons that folks don't get started:

    • You don't think that anyone will read your blog
    • You think blogging is too risky
    • You are not sure what to write about
    • You don't believe that your work will reach have any impact

    It's human nature to have these kinds of fears, but I think that you should forge ahead anyways. If I can share a few tips that will encourage you to Blog Like a CHAMP, here they are:

    Tip #1: Just do it!
    It's Nike's motto but I'm borrowing it! As you read earlier in the post, I started a blog in a very competitive niche with no plan and no strategy whatsoever. I was definitely the new kid on the block. However, because I believed that the information that I was sharing would help someone, I jumped out there and just got started. And this my friend brings me to my next point…

    Tip #2: Know that you have information that can help someone
    I think that too often we get caught up in "analysis paralysis" you know…over analyzing things to the point where it keeps us from moving forward. My whole take on this is that I believe that all of us have experiences and information that can inspire others in some capacity. As I mentioned earlier, there was no way in he%# did I ever think that the content that I was writing from a little unknown blog would end up in the New York Times, but it did! It just goes to show you that even though you may think that your writing is good enough or that people will not read your content, you never know until you put your work out there.

    Tip #3: Blogging will get your business noticed
    This is really one of the main reasons that I suggest that small business owners start blogging. Using your blogging as a branding asset is one of the smartest things that you can do for your business. If you are not sure how to get started and need some guidance, the Blog Like a Champ Academy could be the perfect solution for you. In it, I am showing you step by step everything that you need to do to start a blog that launches a new business or use your blog to support and grow your existing business.

    Tip #4: Blogging will help you build an online presence for your business
    Writing content from your blog will help you brand your business and build your online presence hence giving you more exposure out there in the online world.

    Tip #5: No one will ever know what you have to offer if you don't put it out there!
    This is tail backing off of point #3! I just really want to drive home the importance of putting yourself out there. There are so many opportunities that could come your way as a result of just getting started. Okay peeps! I am off of my soapbox now. I would love to know what tips you can lend on becoming a more confident blogger? Please be sure to comment below! I look forward to hearing from you.

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