• Former Chicago Cub Adam Greenberg Shares How to Get Up: The Art of Perseverance

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    On this episode of Business Insanity Talk Radio, we first talk about perseverance and if there's ever a person who epitomizes perseverance, it's former Chicago Cub Adam Greenberg who shares his story in our first segment. Then, if my experience has been any guide, there are a lot of different workplace personalities that we all have to deal with. We'll show you what to do when some people are jerks, but are also great performers. Plus, so many of us procrastinate when we are trying to get things done. Forget what you've been told – we'll show you why this isn't necessarily a bad thing!

    Finally, one of the most important skills we can develop is the ability to negotiate well. We'll show you a few dirty tricks to look out for at the negotiating table and how to best respond.

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    Segment 1: Adam Greenberg is a former professional baseball player for the Chicago Cubs. He is best known for being hit in the head in his major league debut on the first pitch of his first plate appearance. He is one of only two players in history to have an official at-bat without ever taking the field. He is now the author of the new book "Get Up: The Art of Perseverance".

    1:30 – What happened immediately after getting hit by a pitch?

    2:00 – How did you persevere?

    3:45 – 12 years later, why write a book about perseverance?

    5:00 – What is the key to perseverance?

    6:15 – How do we get through the dark times?

    8:00 – How do you make sense of what happened to you?

    Segment 2: Jody J. Foster, MD, MBA is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Vice Chair of Clinical Operations for the Department of Psychiatry in the University of Pennsylvania Health System, and Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at Pennsylvania Hospital. Her clinical practice includes general psychiatry, with a special emphasis on treating acute inpatients, psychopharmacology, and corporate development that provides support and evaluation services. She is the author of "The Schmuck in My Office: How to Deal Effectively with Difficult People at Work".

    15:30 – What happens when the most difficult people at work are also the most successful?

    17:00 – Do people become difficult or are they just naturally difficult?

    18:30 – Can you turn around the jerk at work and make them participate in a positive way?

    19:45 – How do you figure out if you're the schmuck in the office?

    21:00 – What happens when the boss is a jerk?

    23:15 – As a leader, do you keep a difficult person around if they're bringing in business?

    Segment 3: Mary C. Lamia, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst, as well as professor at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, whose passion is to encourage emotional awareness. She is the author of "Emotions! Making Sense of Your Feelings" and "What Motivates Getting Things Done: Procrastination, Emotions and Success". She also co-authored "The White Knight Syndrome: Rescuing Yourself from Your Need to Rescue Others" and a forthcoming book, "The Upside of Shame".

    31:15 – Procrastination does not necessarily interfere with success. How?

    32:30 – We are motivated by both positive and negative emotion. Is one better than the other?

    33:15 – Highly successful people do these two things.

    34:30 – How procrastinators and non-procrastinators can get along and work together effectively to complete tasks.

    Segment 4: Simon Letchford is Managing Director of Scotwork's North American business and is a Partner in Scotwork's Australian business. He brings over 20 years of international negotiating and executive leadership experience within the IT, health, retail, defense and professional services markets.

    40:00 – Negotiating with integrity vs. using dirty tricks.

    41:30 – The "Passing the Buck" Dirty Trick- Pointing the finger and playing the blame game.

    43:00 – How do you respond to someone who is passing the buck?

    43:45 – The "PickPocket" Dirty Trick – Pushing for more after you've come to an agreement.

    45:00 – How to respond to a pickpocket trick.

    Segment 5: Barry Moltz shares how to get your business unstuck.

    49:30 – Do any of these sound familiar?

    50:15 – How to take your business to the next level.

    51:30 – What's in the Unstuck course?

    52:25 – Special offer code. To learn more visit, www.barrymoltz.com/unstuck

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