• Nicole Sodoma Shares The Precautions You Should Take To Protect Your Small Business Before Getting Married

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    On this episode of Business Insanity Talk Radio, we first talk about how getting married or divorced as a small business owner can have a significant effect on your business and how to navigate it. Then, we'll discuss how the repeal of Obamacare would affect small business. Plus, what happens when someone posts a bad review about your company or says something really nasty about you on the web? We'll show you if there are there any legal remedies and whether or not that's the best course of action. Finally, we'll talk to an entrepreneur who started his business during the great recession and not only survived, but thrived!

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    Segment 1: Nicole H. Sodoma is the founder and Managing Principal of Sodoma Law, P.C., based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    1:15 – What precautions should you take to protect your small business before getting married?

    2:45 – Why you should keep personal and business finances separate.

    3:15 – What things should be discussed and put into a pre-nuptial agreement?

    5:15 – How do post-nuptial agreements work?

    6:15 – Advice for couples who start a business later in life after marriage.

    9:30 – What else should couples know before getting married?

    Segment 2: David Waring is the co-founder of Fit Small Business, a website that provides small business reviews and recommendations. Previously he served as a top executive at Forex Capital Markets LLC, which he joined as an initial employee and grew to a team of over 700.

    15:15 – Did Obamacare hurt small business owners? Did it help?

    17:30 – What are the biggest differences between Trumpcare and Obamacare?

    19:15 – How may these differences affect small businesses?

    20:15 – Would small businesses migrate to states with the best health insurance?

    22:30 – What would happen to the price of healthcare?

    23:45 – What affect would a single payer system have on small business?

    Segment 3: Mark J. Rosenberg is a Partner at Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP in the Intellectual Property Group. He has more than 25 years of experience assisting clients in protecting their reputations from defamation and violations of their publicity and privacy rights as well as representing clients in acquiring, protecting, enforcing and licensing their intellectual property rights.

    31:30 – What should you do if someone writes something bad about you?

    32:30 – What exactly does first amendment protect?

    33:45 – Can you remove the bad review? What other options do you have?

    34:30 – How to decide when to get a lawyer involved.

    Segment 4: Barry Moltz shares how to get your business unstuck.

    40:30 – Do any of these sound familiar?

    41:15 – How to take your business to the next level.

    42:45 – What's in the Unstuck course?

    46:00 – Special offer code. To learn more visit, www.barrymoltz.com/unstuck

    Segment 5: Andrew Oakes is the founder of Fresh Roasted Coffee.

    49:30 – Why did you decide to start a company during the great recession?

    50:15 – How did you not only survive, but thrive?

    51:00 – How do you know when to push on or make a change?

    52:15 – Advice for starting a business in a difficult time.

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