• Crowdfunding Guru Kendall Almerico Speaks At Wix Lounge NYC

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    On Thursday, April 20th, Crowdfunding Guru Kendall Almerico spoke on crowdfunding videos at Wix Lounge NYC in light of WixVideo month.

    Kendall Almerico is a Crowdfunding Expert and JOBS Act Expert. Named in 2016 by Onalytica as the "top crowdfunding influencer in the world" and has been called "one of the top crowdfunding and JOBS Act lawyers in the country" by Forbes. He is helping to bring the American Dream back to the people and to small businesses by making crowdfunding accessible to everyone.

    The presentation stared with an introduction of 3 famous Hollywood projects that had successfully used crowdfunding. Kendall emphasized on the importance of using videos when launching a crowdfunding campaign. What is clear is that, entrepreneurs who used videos are three times more successful than those who don't use them. If that wasn't convincing enough, the crowdfunding expert also stated that campaigns supported by a powerful video, raise about four times more money than those who don't. According to Kendall, a visually stimulating video, will make your idea stand out from the rest.

    The big question is: "What does a great crowdfunding video consist of?" Kendall Almerico explained that a great crowdfunding video should be kept nice and short. "The video should be kept under three minutes and preferably within the range of 90 seconds and two minutes". According to him you need to consider "The Five W's":

    1. Who are you?
    2. What are you raising money for?
    3. Where is this offering going to take place?
    4. When will it be finished?
    5. Why should we care?

    These are the questions that everyone needs to be asking themselves before creating a crowdfunding video. Besides of the above stated, he also emphasized on the fact that good audio is also a crucial factor. your video needs to contain good audio and of course, good visuals. The crowdfunding guru also made it clear that the goal of the video, in each and every case, should be to get people excited.

    Of course, Kendall Almerico knows that you can't make this project succesful all on your own. You will need some help from the outside. That's why he says: don't forget to ask! He elaborates on that by saying that you should ask for money, people to invest and to share the video.

    To give the audience a taste of both sides, Kendall Almerico showed examples of both, good and bad crowdfunding videos. One of the best videos is by a craft beer brewing company named Brewdog. Being a relatively young company Brewdog currently has about 55,000 investors (Equity Punks) since launching the first round of Equity for Punks back in 2009. He sets Brewdog as an example for other businesses and spreads an unspoken but clear message saying: learn how Brewdog did it.

    To round off the informative presentation, Kendall Almerico encouraged small businesses to visit Rockethub's ELEQUITY Funding Room to really get acquainted with crowdfunding where companies like Brewdog are currently running their million dollar crowdfunding campaigns.

    His last message after an extended Q&A session due to an intrigued crowd is: when you use equity crowdfunding you not only raise funds, you also raise brand ambassadors!

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