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     We are a public non-profit charitable organization engaged in helping low-income families, people who find themselves in difficult life situations. Our organization is located in Kazakhstan, Almaty. We would like to tell you the story of one family, for which we are currently collecting money.

    Gani Koszhanov in 10 years old remained without both parents. They died in a car accident. Three children become  orphans. That's how abruptly began adult life for Gani. His aunt was going to take her nephews to her upbringing, but her brother-Gani’s uncle banned her. He is very powerful person in their familly and threatening his sister said that he would take the children to himself. Uncle had his own farm and he needed people who would do the dirty work for free. To graze cattle, to clean a barn, to take a water. The children suffered from exhaustion. The uncle and his own children constantly shouted at and beat them very badly. So they lived for 7 years. 7 long painful years.


    At 17 years old, Gani, his brother and sister fled to their aunt. Aunt took them. Only years later, the aunt learned how hard her nephews lived. As time went on, Gani grew up and decided to go live on his own. First he went to one city, then to another, he worked on different jobs. At the age of 31, Gani married. At the present moment, Gani and his wife and 2 young children live in a temporary house with an area of ​​8 squares. He works at the gas station.


    Salary is 50,000 tenge (135 USD) per month. Gani’s wife works as a cleaning lady. They pay 30 000  tenge (80 USD)  per month for renting temporary houses. Having accumulated some money and taking a credit from bank not far from Almaty city they bought a plot of land and built on it  foundation of future house. Paying monthly loan payments, they cannot continue building. Not enough money. We would like to help this family very much to finally come true their dream of a private home. We ask you to support Gani and his family by raising money for the construction of a house in the amount of 12,000 US dollars.

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