• Brewdog Breaks Record With £5M Invested

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    Back in 2007, Brewdog was founded by James Watt and Martin Dickie, two guys and their dog, at the start of a mission to make people passionate about great craft beer.

    They were bored of the industrial lagers and stuffy ales that dominated the UK market. The solution? To take matters into their own hands and brew beer themselves. Eight incredibly busy years later and BrewDog has become Top Dog in the craft beer revolution; fighting the beery fight on the front lines in the UK and across the international scene.

    There are now 32 BrewDog Bars in the United Kingdom and overseas, a rapidly expanding brewery in Scotland, over 400 incredible crew members, and over 35,000 passionate Equity Punk shareholders. We've now set our sites on purple skies and amber waves of grain.

    America has pioneered craft beer both stateside and across the international beer scene. Here at BrewDog, we draw a great amount of inspiration from our US craft beer forerunners. We are so excited to join the US scene and start writing our own history.


    You can get to know Brewdog and learn more about their upcoming projects by connecting with them on their RocketHub profile.

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